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Welcome to the online home of The ASK Academy, a STEM Innovation academy in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. ASK is an independent, non-profit academy for 6th through 12th graders that teaches through a hands-on, research-based program. Our relationships with local businesses and educational partners enable scholars to learn in a realistic setting.

Please take the time to browse our website to learn what we are all about. Our unique perspective on teaching and learning allows our scholars to explore concepts truly unique to most middle and high school students. If you have any questions, please contact us for more information.

A Message from Our General Manager

Dear ASK Community,

This promises to be another milestone year for The ASK Academy. Last year we saw 35 seniors receive over two million dollars in scholarship offers, as well as robotics teams taking second in state competition and performing admirably at nationals. Our humanities scholars won awards for everything from poetry to illustration and speaking in state competitions. The diversity of achievements illustrates how well rounded scholars become via our curriculum. Seven years ago, the founders had a vision of a STEM school that would prepare scholars for post-secondary and post-college success by building relationships to create self-directed learners. Today we see that vision coming to full fruition. From our first full year in our new facility to a phenomenally well-staffed group of managers and the best scholars in the state, we are “living the dream” that is The ASK Academy!

In the past two years, we have grown from 362 to this year’s 475 scholars. Our goal, of course, is to keep the quality and community that are synonymous with The ASK Academy. We know that growth brings new challenges, which we will handle and improve upon, but we also know we will need community support. Consequently, this year we will be asking for more parent/community volunteers (check out the volunteer table on Jump Start Day, or see Mary Lou as the year goes on for more information). We will be working closely with Heroes Walk Among Us, a group committed to helping our veterans and communities. Our first joint effort with HWAU, along with the Albuquerque Radio Control Club, is a celebration of Veterans and National Model Aviation Day at Maloof Memorial Air Park on August 13 (see flyer on website for further information). Come join us as we see what the world of model aviation is all about. We look forward to developing further opportunities with our volunteer organizations throughout the year.

Based on what we have seen throughout the incredible journey of our Academy, 2016-2017 promises to be another milestone year for us. Many school districts across New Mexico, and across the country, will be opening with staff vacancies, but thanks to great planning (we began interviewing in March) and great teamwork, we are fully staffed for the 2016-2017 academic year. Among those hires are a Project Lead the Way master teacher and a manager who started an after school Robotics club at a Rio Rancho middle school and turned it into an integral part of the school’s curriculum. Adding managers with these qualifications to an already a stellar staff makes the future look very bright for our young Androids. Welcome to another great year!


Daniel P. Busse

Daniel P. Busse

General Manager
The ASK Academy