The Ask Academy Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (Stem), Building relationships ot create self-directed learners.

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There are so many reasons to choose The ASK Academy for your budding scholar. If your child has a passion for STEM-related fields, we offer the most comprehensive and hands-on approach to education in the area. We work on a constructivist learning environment in which students construct their own knowledge. In the “old school” model, the teacher is the task master; in the “new school” model, the teacher/project manager is the facilitator.

We have a fully-integrated Robotics program where our scholars learn to engineer, rather than simply learn about engineering. Our 100 percent wireless facility allows for our fully-functioning one to one laptop program.

The ASK Academy’s scholars have consistently scored above state averages on state tests, and 11th grade scholars recently scored nearly 10 percent higher than the state average in science. On the IOWA Test of Educational Development, scholars consistently score 25 to 30 percent above their peers in the same grade in schools at the national level.

Our enrollment continues to grow, allowing us access to more opportunities to serve the scholars that have been entrusted to us. Our student/teacher ratio is among the lowest in the state with less than 16 scholars per full-time project manager.

In short, our teaching and learning model works, and our scholars prove this on a daily basis.