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ASK Academy News

Our ASK Academy Androids are actively involved in their own learning and in the community. Here we’ll post details about upcoming events, past activities, scholar and manager awards, and much more. We will update it often, so be sure to check back to see what we’re up to.

ASK Android Update

Please check below ASK Android Update for the latest episodes of our webcast series.

Job Openings

We currently have job openings in the following areas:

  • Middle School Physical Education
  • High School Physical Education
  • Middle School Science
  • Middle School Special Education/Gifted
  • High School Special Education/Gifted

Please send a resume and cover letter via email to Daniel Busse.

Job Openings - 6-12th Grade Teachers
Upcoming Testing Season

The ASK Academy is in the top five percent of best test taking campuses in the state. Every member of our team has an important role to the success of ASK scholars and The ASK Academy. We prepare for these very important standardized assessments everyday with well designed curriculum all school year. These assessments are very important to the graduation of ASK scholars and to the academy’s reputation as one of the leading educational institutions in the state and yes, in the nation.

Here are some reminders for parents of ASK scholars as we near this very important time of the school year:

  • Good sleep the night before assessments.
  • Good breakfast the morning of assessments.
  • Positive attitudes from you about what you expect from your scholar's performance.

We are The ASK Academy!

No School

There is no school on Friday, April 19. School resumes on Monday, April 22. Enjoy your long weekend!