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ASK Alliance STEM Questionnaire

Thank you for your desire to be part of the best STEM middle school/high school in the state of New Mexico. Giving your professional STEM expertise, time, money, and/or energy is one of the innovative aspects of our STEM Academy that separates it from traditional public schools in the state. Your contributions provide an authentic learning opportunity. 

Please fill out this questionnaire below. We will contact you soon.

Do you wish to consult with ASK scholars on their personal research projects?
Is your company interested finding out about using an ASK intern?
Are you interested in speaking to ASK STEM engineering, design, or biomedical classes?
Are you interested in contributing to the evaluation of ASK CAD scholars' design work?
Is your STEM company interested in organizing ASK field trips?
Would you or your company be interested in providing ASK with a tax deductible donation?
Would you like to join the ASK Alliance group and help plan, direct, and shape ASK at our twice a year meetings?