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Revolutionary War IAN in Google Classroom

Revolutionary War IAN


13 Colonies IAN in Google Classroom

13 Colonies IAN

This is the start of your 13 Colonies IAN.

Instead of getting the entire notebook at one time, you will get 1-2 pages at a time.

You will add other pages I send to this IAN, so don't lose it, don't turn it in yet, make sure you stay on top of your assignments, etc.


The Great Awakening in Google Classroom

The Great Awakening


13 Colonies assessment in Google Classroom

13 Colonies assessment

Good morning. This is your assessment.
Remember, it is OPEN NOTE.

When you have submitted it, use the rest of class, a.k.a. your asynchronous learning time, to finish your 13 Colonies IAN, which is due tomorrow.


All About Insta Me in Google Classroom

All About Insta Me