Gifted 7th Grade Fundamental Connections-4th Period Assignments

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Organizational skills in Google Classroom

Organizational skills


Interest in tutoring??? in Google Classroom

Interest in tutoring???

We are working to get tutoring for scholars who feel like they could use a little more support in their learning. Please complete this assignment so plans can be made. Thanks (PS, it will be extra credit assignment in PowerSchool so a great way to improve your grades)


Grade check / progress report with parents in Google Classroom

Grade check / progress report with parents

Be sure to discuss grades with parents and me through a screenshot and email.
If you are an Edgenuity scholar, be sure to also include your progress report dated 9/09 to 9/16


SMART GOALS for SCHOOL Success in Google Classroom


9/20. Several of you still have not turned this in OR turned in blank work. I will be posting grades on this tomorrow. Be sure to get them done if you haven't

You know how to do these. Choose your format: Doc, Slides, Form, or similar tool for your ACADEMIC GOALS this quarter.
BE SURE TO ATTACH it when you turn it in. Bonus point for making it exciting, entertaining, or creative

S: Specific--What exactly will you accomplish?
M: Measurable--How will you know when you have reached this goal?
A: Attainable and Action-Oriented--Is achieving this goal realistic with effort and Commitment? Do you have the resources to achieve this goal? If not, how will you acquire them? What are the exact steps you should take to accomplish this goal?
R: Relevant/Realistic-- Why is this goal significant to your academic life?
T: Time Frame-- When will you achieve this goal?


Grade Check week of 9/04 in Google Classroom

Grade Check week of 9/04

Screen shot your current grades, send email to PARENTS, Mrs. Donlin, and any manager where your grade is C or NC. Include your PLAN to improve that/those low grade(s).


Grade check for 8/27 in Google Classroom

Grade check for 8/27

Follow directions