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Who Represents Me? in Google Classroom

Who Represents Me?

Too often, too many adults don't know who their representatives are.  I aim to help you know before you leave high school.  We have multiple levels of government in our nation, and have had these levels since our nation's founding as a republic in 1783's Articles of Confederation and our nation's Constitution ratified in 1788.  The basic levels of government are (I did not include school board as we are a public charter school, and our board is not elected; but Rio Rancho Public Schools has an elected board, and your folks and maybe you can vote for them even if you are not in the Rio Rancho public school system):

1. Municipal or City government (mostly mayor and always a council known as a city council);
2. County Commission (In NM, basic county government consists of a Commission with Commissioners.  Other states have county governments known by other names.  Two main names are Board of Supervisors and Freeholds);
3. County Clerk;
4. County Sheriff;
5. County Treasurer;
6. County Assessor;
7. State government: Legislature (In NM, two houses: State House of Representatives and State Senators)
8. State government: Executive (Governor, Lieutenant Governor)
9. State government:  Secretary of State (county clerk for state government, plus more)
10. State government: Land Commissioner (NM pretty unique here, as only a few states have these, mostly in southwest US)
11. State government: Attorney General
12. State government: Auditor
13. State government: Treasurer
14. Federal or United States government: Legislature (US House of Representatives and Senators)
15. Federal or US government: Executive (President and Vice President)

So, the question you should ask is this: "Who represents me?"  The people holding these offices do.  And you should at least know YOUR representatives' names and, eventually, whether you largely agree or disagree with their representation.  The next assignment will be to know the duties of the people who represent you in this nominally titled Republic in the United States.