May 2020 Newsletter

Hello ASK Community,

Today I was reviewing old newsletters and thinking about all the activities that make finishing another year at ASK so amazing. Celebrations such as, senior luncheon, prom,  HS graduation, 8th graders making the transition to HS, the end of year barbecue and all the associated fun activities will be missed by all of us, so we will need to make next year’s that much greater! We are still holding out hope for an actual July graduation ceremony, but we will continue to follow the direction of the New Mexico Department of Public Health, PED, and the Governor’s office. We really hope to have graduation, and will do whatever we can to make that happen at a later date so that we can honor the hard work of our seniors, and celebrate with their families this important event.

CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of 2020! This is the culmination of our senior’s pre-college careers and we want to wish them all the best of luck as they move forward. We hope that the Attitudes, Skills, and Knowledge they have gained while with us will be touchstones that they carry with them as they continue their journey to college, the armed forces, or whatever path they choose. It has been my pleasure to watch these scholars, many of whom I have known since they were 8th graders on the cusp of HS, learn, grow, and mature into the amazing adults they have become.  We also want to salute our Valedictorian, Rodney Reichart and Salutatorian, Loren Gallegos for capping off such an impressive high school experience.

As usual we are looking forward to next year knowing that it may still require some flexibility and adaptation. I am proud of what we did this year by developing a plan that met the new requirements and getting connected with our scholars in a timely, yet effective manner. We know that whatever the new academic year brings, we have a great team and will do our utmost to meet your expectations.

Ultimately, I hope that you and your families have found ways to mitigate the negative effects of the quarantine, whether they be physical, economic, or social/emotional. As you all know we did our best to adapt in a manner that met the guidance of PED towards social/emotional wellness and connection, while still providing our scholars the continuity of connection with content, their managers, and their peers.  We appreciate the support and trust that you have shown throughout this challenging time. Thank you for all that you continue to do for your scholars and our academy.

Stay healthy and safe.

Mr. Busse