Looking through the rear view mirror..

Hello ASK Community,

Thanks to your support, scholar and staff hard work, we have successfully completed the 2019-20 school year. In a year like none we have ever seen before, we found a way to continue our educational mission while still being attentive to all the technical, emotional, and socio-economic challenges that COVID-19 presented. My congratulations to our scholars, parents, project managers and support staff for their flexibility and adaptability. Our staff did an amazing job switching from traditional to virtual without a break in delivery. We approached the problem with one mission, maintaining connection with our scholars, while still making educational gains. Our IT and other support staff stepped up to insure that all scholars had the equipment and connections needed to continue learning. Our students, despite missing the daily interactions with their friends and project managers, still showed up in great numbers (average attendance rates exceeded 90%) and contributed to classroom success.

Of course, my greatest Congratulations go out to the Class of 2020! Despite not being able to conclude their HS careers with all the traditional HS celebrations, our Seniors still continued working hard through their AP and regular course finals. While we will all miss the pomp and circumstance of regular years, tomorrow we will be celebrating our Seniors with a drive through graduation. Scholars and their families (in one vehicle) will meet and line up at 5:30 in the parking lot of Shining Stars Elementary (Northern and Rockaway) to begin their graduation parade. The parade will conclude at ASK where they will each receive their diploma. While we were not able to honor them with the traditional ceremony and a seated audience, we will still honor the milestone that HS graduation represents. Congratulations Class of 2020 as you drive off into your next educational adventure!

If you plan to line the parade route (Rockaway to 528 to Sundt and then to ASK), please stay in small groups (5 or under), obey social distancing, and wear protective face coverings. The event will be recorded and available for viewing via our website. Great job Seniors!

Finally, I know that many of you have questions about next year and I wish I could give a definitive schedule (as of today we will follow the published 2020-21 schedule) and description of what the learning plan will be. Unfortunately we do not know, but we are planning at least four possible approaches that include elements of virtual, traditional, and blended approaches. We are also investing in additional technology to support all scholars and staff, no matter what model. What I can promise you is that we will approach next year with the same deliberation and execution that carried us through this difficult year. We are currently planning our professional development to include further on-line delivery training, increased sterilization and cleaning protocols, and the best way to account for all the other rules and regulations we need to insure health, safety, and continued educational progress, no matter what the barriers.

I could not be prouder of what we all accomplished this year.

Thank you,

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 Mr. Busse