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General Scholarly Expectations
I do not assign homework each and every evening, however this does not mean that scholars should do nothing for science.  Regular reading of the text book (either with the physical book or the PDF copy located in the Google Classroom) is a must!  Sometimes understanding takes MULTIPLE exposures.  In class we: read, write, draw, and talk about topics.  You can help your scholar deepen his or her understanding by asking open-ended questions that require your scholar to explain the concept.  If you don't know what to ask, then check the book (mentioned above).  It has regular reading check questions!
Two best ways to know what's going on in the classroom:
1. Scholar Agenda - Scholars are expected to copy homework into agenda daily as part of their bell work procedures.
2. Google Classroom - Check out the google classroom with your scholar.  There are videos and other links posted regularly that aide with current topic understanding.
If both of those are not working out then please contact me.