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Welcome to Ms. Gray’s Website!

  I am so pleased to welcome you our Social Studies/History learning space! I hope this will be a year of learning about the important history of our country and state, a time of self-reflection, and personal growth for you!
At the ASK Academy, scholars will be asked to turn in a variety of high caliber work demonstrating thoughtfulness. Just as a scientist must use critical thinking to evaluate evidence, so should a historical scholar use evidence and reason to evaluate events and their significance. Scholars will be asked to analyze evidence as the foundation of their historical inquiry.
I will do my best to update the web page and update due dates for class assignments, tests, and projects. You will need to use this website in conjunction with Google Classroom where you will find copies of PowerPoint Presentations, rubrics, forms, notes, and other items that you may need. Assignments will be posted and turned in via  Google Classroom.  This is especially important as we embark on remote learning.
***Be sure to click on the linked pages (see the boxes on the right side of this page) to read more important information.***
On-line Expectations for Remote Learning
We will be meeting "on-line" for the immediate future in a face-to-fact format.  It is important that we establish norms for Scholars using Google Meet.  Each class will log into Google Meet and type "gray" followed by the period you have New Mexico History.  For example, if you have my class for Period Three, you will type in "gray3" . In order to reach our potential, the following expectations during virtual teaching will be implemented:
RESPECT at all times!
Respect your Manager, yourself, and others
Use technology appropriately!
Cameras will be on at ALL times during virtual teaching (Parents must notify project manager if this is not possible)
Mics will be muted (unless directed by your manager otherwise)
Respectful conversation both verbal and in the chat
(No unauthorized side-bar conversations in the chat)
ONE person speaks at a time
Do not change who is presenting
Enter class on time
Limit distractions (stuffed animals, toys, pets, software extensions)
Complete assigned tasks and work on time
Submit all work through Google Classroom, not email.
Make arrangements with your Manager for Office Hours time in advance
Dress appropriately for learning
If you need to speak with me about any issue related to your success as a scholar, please plan to attend a virtual "Office Hours" meeting in Google Meet by contacting me in advance. 
Please check Google Classroom and your class page on this website to see what we worked on in class, what was assigned, and what may be due for that day.  You may also make an appointment to meet me in Support/Office Hours for an update.
Support/Office Hours
Starting in Semester Two, there will be a two-hour Support/Office Hours time slot built in the scheduled from 2 - 4 pm.  This is NOT free time, but time for scholars to comIplete any assignment not done during class or to seek help from me.  If you are missing any assignments, you may be required to attend Office Hours in order to complete that assignment.  
Cell Phones
Cell phones can be a great tool in the classroom, however, they can also be a great distraction and can be misused. Therefore, cell phones should remain in your back packs without the express permission of Ms. Gray. Any violation will result in the cell phone being confiscated for the duration of the class (first offense) with a warning to the scholar. A second offense will result in confiscation until the end of the day, with an email to the parent/guardian. Further violations will follow the school discipline matrix.

Computer Usage 
You will have a computer assigned to you at various times when available. It is YOUR responsibility to handle this computer with care. If you notice any damage to the computer, fill out a “Computer Misuse” form. This will ensure you are not blamed for another person’s damage to the computer. See the ASK Student Handbook for computer usage rules. Violations may result in loss of computer privileges.