Ms. Zink

Reading kitty
Welcome! I look forward to working with incoming 6th grade scholars and parents in English Language Arts grade 6. 
To work on in the summer:
Read every day (anything!)
Be sure to understand basic grammar and writing (capitalization, punctuation, parts of speech)
Since we are working increasingly online, work on keyboarding skills (there are many free programs online to practice)
Write every day (this helps fluency and you can write about anything)
Daily Reading and Writing will be required once we are in session. 
This course will cover the common core state standards in all aspects of English Language Arts (ELA). We will work on vocabulary, spelling, speaking and listening, reading in multiple genres and writing in multiple genres. Grammar study and use will be woven in as well. Though we have many standards to cover, there will be a high degree of choice in this class, to include daily reading in books of your choice and choice of writing topics. We will work in both fiction and non-fiction writing and supplemental reading.
Success in this class requires a strong work ethic (motivation) and being willing to spend time on the work. Participation is of the utmost importance for you to succeed. Interaction with peers, contributions to discussion both in person and online and willingness to ask questions of peers and instructor are also important for success. You must try everything and complete all work to the best of your ability.
Ideally, the skills you pick up in this class would transfer to other classes as well. All of your other classes depend on vocabulary, writing and reading, and speaking and listening skills for success as well. Here we will study AND develop these skills. In other classes you will put them to use!
Please use the tabs on the right to navigate to what you need for more information.  Plan to use this website daily along with your Google Classroom for optimal success.