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Welcome to my website!  To navigate, locate your class on the menu bar at the right.  Click on the link to the page for your class.  I update each class's web page each week to post the agenda, update due dates, and to upload attachments like PowerPoint presentations, home assignments, and projects.  If you are absent, please check to see what we covered in class, what was assigned, and what was due that day.
To get you started, outlined below are some basics: Anything highlighted is added in January 2020 as kinks in information are ironed out!
Here is a link to our actual 6th grade Google Calendar! PLEASE use it. The 6th grade page has the basics but the calendar has everything we did in class and is more informative for when you have been absent!
Late Work:  I understand that life happens and sometimes work is forgotten: either left at home or just not done. In this case, work is accepted late up to one week late OR the day of any unit test or vocabulary test at a flat rate of 20% off of your total score after grading. 6th grade is a time of learning new responsibilities, so parents will be informed when 3 assignments are late or completely missed, regardless of your class average. You will also be assigned a 10 minute lucky lunch and/or Friday session to reflect on why it is happening and work out a plan and/or work on missing work. It is your responsibility to turn in late work to the late/absent basket in the front of the room marked "Late."
Please note that daily reading cannot be made up or turned in late. Reading is assigned daily in self-selected book for fluency building and cannot be made up due to the daily nature of the work. On that note, please know that communication can be tricky. I do not expect a "log" as that is not how readers normally read. You just tell me what you read on an honor system. That can be confusing, especially if you read more than one book! You might be reading more at home and you are expected to have your book every day! You can tell me about all of them and just have one. I will let me know if I have questions. Always feel free to let me know if you have questions about your grade too! Lunch, Fridays, or e mail are great times!
Grading:  For 6th grade ELA, my grade book is set up on a weighted scale, so each assignment is always recorded out of 100 points, with the category determining the weight in the average. The categories are as follows:

Practice /Homework/classwork                                                                      14% of total grade

Projects, Essays, and Unit tests                                                                      38% of total grade

Quizzes (such as vocabulary and review of unit sections)                             25% of total grade

Participation, paperwork, following instructions, speaking                      6% of total grade (to be recorded weekly and DOES include behavior due to the common core standards for this class)

READING and WRITING grades                                                              17% of total grade. 

Remember, each quarter is worth 40% of your grade and the final exam will constitute the remaining 20% (40% + 40% + 20% = 100%).  I generally grade over the week-end and return work on Monday.  Please keep all returned assignments because, occasionally, I record your grades incorrectly, or the grade book does not save the grade I entered.  Your grades will be updated by the end of Monday. Please also allow 2-3 weeks for grading of extended writing assignments. 
Fundamental Connections 8 is set up on a points only based system for each quarter. 
Absences:  Please check the google calendar (link posted on the top of this class web page and the 6th grade page as well as sent to you for invite) for what we covered and due dates. There is also a hard copy calendar in the front of the class room if you need to check when you return.  If you are absent on the day I assigned something, please make sure you check in with me upon your return.  I will post all assignments on the class web page so you can see what you are supposed to do, but I would prefer you know and understand the tasks before you attempt completing them.  We can negotiate a due date when we talk.  If you know what you need to do (such as regular assignments like writing and vocabulary, then go ahead and complete the assignment and either e-mail it to me or hand it in upon your return.  If you were absent on the day of a due date or test, you will be expected to turn it in immediately upon your return, or in the case of quiz or test, make arrangements immediately. 
Cell Phone/Computer Policy:  Please turn off your cell phone when you come to class.  You will then place the phone into the cell phone pocket holder at the front of the room. If phone is needed for that day's work, you will be notified on the white board with "supplies needed today."  For any computer work, we will have a cart in the room and you will use the computer number assigned to you (on your name tag). Please take care of all computers as if they were your own or even better! :) When on a computer for class work, you must stay on task. Any web-surfing or chatting or e-mailing friends are violations of acceptable use policy and subject to loss of computer privileges and office referral. 
Contact Me:  You can e-mail me (see link in upper right hand corner) or call me at (505) 891-0757 x 601.  I will get back to you as soon as I can. E mail is best for a quick response. Please remember to write in complete sentences and follow the format of "professional format." Each e-mail should have a greeting, a message in which you state the reason for the e-mail, and a closing. 
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