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Welcome to Mrs. Beaudet’s Website!

I am glad to welcome you to Science. I hope this will be a year of learning about science, self-reflection, and personal growth for you!


I will do my best to update the web page regularly and update due dates for class assignments, labs, tests, and projects. You will need to use this website in conjunction with Google Classroom where you will find copies of PowerPoint Presentations, rubrics, forms, notes, and other items that you may need. 


Absent - Please check Google Classroom and the calendar on this website to see what may be due and when it is due.


Late Work – The 7th Grade Late Work Policy and 9th Grade Honors Integrated Science Late Work Policy is as follows:

          • 1 – 4 days late = 10% off per day the work is late
          • 5 days late = ½ credit
          • An “Amnesty Day” will be offered once per quarter for all other late work
          • When classtime has been devoted to a project - late work will be posted @ 1/2 credi

Grading - Scholars will be evaluated on the following criteria within each quarter:

          • Assessments          – 30%  (Includes end of unit tests, etc.)
          • Projects                 – 20%
          • Quizzes                 – 15%  (Includes exit tickets/quick quizzes, etc.)
          • Labs                       – 15%
          • Classwork              – 15% (Includes notes, research, rough drafts, etc.)
          • Homework                    -  5%

Semester Grades - Scholar’s semester grades will be calculated as follows:

          • Quarter 1(3)          – 40%
          • Quarter 2(4)          – 40%
          • Semester Final       – 20%


Cell Phones:  Cell phones can be a great tool in the classroom, however, they can also be a great distraction and can be misused.  Therefore, cell phones should remain in your back packs without the express permission of Mrs. Beaudet.  Any violation will result in the cell phone being confiscated for the duration of the class (first offense) with a warning to the scholar. A second offense will result in confiscation until the end of the day, with an email to the parent/guardian.  Further violations will follow the school discipline matrix.


Group Work:  During the course of the year, scholars will work in groups.  This means that you are expected to work with other scholars, bring materials, and complete your portion of the project in a timely manner. YOU should strive to help the group complete projects on time to the best of the group’s ability.  If you are having difficulty with a group member, or you are having difficulty, YOU are expected to discuss this privately with Mrs. Beaudet as soon as the difficulty begins. We will work together to resolve the difficulty and if needed, other solutions will be implemented.


Science Book:  Each seventh grade scholar will receive a science book. This book is specifically designed to be used by the scholar. In other words, it is consumable. The ASK Academy will issue one book to each scholar at no charge. It is the scholar’s responsibility to label their book and have it available for class. A lost or damaged book will need to be replaced. We do not have “extras”. The cost for the lost or damaged book is $30.00 and it will need to be ordered. The expectation is that every scholar will have their science book every day. Scholars will be required to sign for their book once they are available and issued.


Computer Usage:  You will have a computer assigned to you.  It is YOUR responsibility to handle this computer with care.  If you notice any damage to the computer, fill out a “Computer Misuse” form.  This will ensure you are not blamed for another person’s damage to the computer.  See the ASK Student Handbook for computer usage rules.  Violations may result in loss of computer privileges. 


Homework Load: The seventh grade Project Managers have worked together on how/when we will assign homework. Here is what you can expect during the school year. Of course, as we move through the school year we may need to add to, or take-away from this schedule. In ALL of our classes – any unfinished classwork becomes homework.

        • English/Language Arts = Wednesday
        • Science = As dictated by project(s)/tests
        • Math = 1 to 2 assignments/week
        • Social Studies = As dictated by project(s)/tests
        • Electives = As needed
Homework Load: Mrs. Beaudet's ninth grade Honors Integrated Science will have occasional reading assignments. Any unfinished classwork becomes homework. Projects, Labs, and Tests will dictate the homework load. Assignments will be posted on Google Classroom. Check the calendar for assignments and due dates.

Recent Posts

7th Grade Science Lab Report

Your typed Lab Report is due October 20, 2019. As a class, we have been working on completing this assignment. It was supposed to be due at the end of class on Thursday, but because of the shortened schedule the due date was extended to 10/20/2019. The venue to turn in this assignment is Google Classroom. Messages have been sent via the Gradebook and on Google Classroom.

Make-up/Alternate assignments are posted to Google Classroom. Have your scholar open GC and verify on-line assignments and due dates.
Be sure to check the on-line calendar for updated assignments and due dates!