Mrs. Beaudet

Welcome to Mrs. Beaudet’s Website!

I am glad to welcome you to 7th Grade Science and 8th Grade Health Education. I hope this will be a year of learning about science, self-reflection, and personal growth for you!


Welcome to my website! I update this web page each week to post the agenda, update due dates, and to upload attachments like PowerPoint presentations, home learning assignments, and projects. You will need to use this website in conjunction with Google Classroom where you will find copies of PowerPoint Presentations, rubrics, forms, notes, and other items that you may need. 

To get you started, outlined below are some basics:

Norms for Scholars using Google Meet-Expectations during virtual teaching

-RESPECT at all times!

-Use technology appropriately, respect your Manager, yourself, and others

-Cameras on

-Mics muted

-Respectful conversation both verbal and in the chat (no side conversations)

***one person speaks at a time

-Do not change who is presenting

-Enter class on time

-Limit distractions (stuffed animals, pets, toys of any kind)

-Complete work on time

-Remember: A majority of the classwork will be done outside of the Google Meeting-use your time wisely

-Submit work through Google Classroom 

-Make arrangements for Office Hours in advance (email preferred)

-Dress appropriately for learning


Late Work Policy- All work is due on the due date. Late work will receive ½ credit. (Feedback may not be available for late work.) One “Amnesty” day will be offered per quarter. (Remember, our current schedule gives you a great deal of time to complete assignments.)

Attendance Grades- Grades will be given for attendance and weighted at 10%. Come to class prepared, ready to learn, and follow the Norms for Scholars using Google Meet and you will receive all the points!

Grading:  My grades are set-up using weighted categories. Tests/Labs/Projects = 30%; Quizzes/Entrance or Exit Tickets =30%; Classwork (which includes work done at home) 30%; and Attendance = 10%. For the Second Quarter - The weights for the categories will change - no more grades for attendance - the expectation is that scholars are in class and meeting expectations. The numerical value for each category will shift as follows: Tests/Labs/Projects = 30%; Quizzes/Entrance or Exit Tickets =30%; Classwork (which includes work done at home) 40%.

Absences: All assignments will originate through Google Classroom. That is the first place you should check to see what is due. You may also want to check the website calendar - the assignment will be posted as an announcement. Complete the assignment and turn it in. It may be helpful for you to email me to let me know that you are going to be absent and that you are checking for work that is due. REMEMBER - Your absences must be reported to the Attendance Secretary -

Cell Phone or other electronic devices not related to our online class:  Turn off your cell phone or other device not related to our class when you come to our Google Meet.  There will be days when we will use these devices, but it will not be every day and I will let you know in advance.



ASK Conferences - Your scholar has a copy of the Conference Schedule (dates/times) in Google Classroom!
Check your emails and GOOGLE CLASSROOM for on-line assignments during this school year!
Be sure to check the on-line calendar for updated assignments and due dates!
September 18-26
It's the 2020 New Mexico Science Fiesta which will take place September 18 - 26, 2020. It's organized by Explora and STEM-NM in Albuquerque in collaboration with New Mexico's scientific, cultural, and educational organizations.
Live-streamed events are scheduled throughout the week of September 18 - 26. These live, interactive presentations will bring scientists and their science to your classroom and students. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions, learn something new, and engage with scientists.
Most presentations will take place using Google Meet (during the day), Zoom (during the afternoon and evening) and will require preregistration. For a full schedule and information on how to register, please visit