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************* Friday Intervention time adjustments for Mrs. Donlin***************

Scholar intervention for February and March is 9-10am ONLY due to Science Fair Competitions. 

Congratulations to the 29 Regional Science Fair Competitors.   We will be meeting as a group every Friday in February and March from 8 to 9am  dedicated time to prepare for Regionals and hopefully State. 


*********** National Junior Honor Society Application window is March 03 to March 13.  Required essay will be written on March 20. Check out the NJHS page for application after March 1. *****************



6th Grade Mathematics  Supply list is below

6th Grade Fundamental Connections  Supply list is below

Math Intervention 7 & 8

Gifted Fundamental Connections



ReCon/Science Fair Director -Middle and High School Divisions

Olympiad:  Math and Science competition 

National Junior Honor Society  

Middle School Scholar Government 

Gifted Education





Supplies (those specific to Mathematics are marked with *)

A great ASK Attitude for SUCCESS

*A 1-inch binder OR a Pocket Folder WITH 3-hole prongs  (specifically for Math rather than for multiple classes)

*1 five-subject spiral-bound notebook with a minimum of 150 pages of paper (just for Math)

*A basic operation calculator (does NOT need to be trigonometry or graphing and should not cost more than $10 at full price)

*1 graph paper notebook for geometry activities throughout the year

*1 package 3x5 cards (plain or lined)

1 package of 2x2 or 3x3 post-its OR mini-tabs


The following will be used in all of your classes and personal organization including Math: 

AGENDA or homework planner

1 yellow highlighter, 1 blue highlighter, 1 pink highlighter (layering colors will give us 6 colors)

1 package of theme/loose leaf paper.

1 or 2 blue or black pens

1 red pen for correcting your work at least 2 pencils (and a personal sharpener if needed)

1 package of colored pencils (8 to 12 colors is sufficient for math.  It is perfectly fine to use the same set as you will use in other courses.)

A standard ruler (if it has holes, it can easily be stored in the 1 inch binder)

1 Flash drive of at least 8GB ( good for all classes so you don’t need to get an additional flash drive next year)

White-out tape


Glue stick

Backpack and supply pouch/pencil box

Lock for your locker


WATER bottle (no other beverages allowed inside learning spaces by scholars)




Each class project manager will provide additional materials needed based on the subject. 


Fundamental Connections specific request of ALL scholars (campus wide)

1-2 reams of copy paper

1 container of bleach wipes

1 bottle of hand sanitizer

1- 2 boxes Kleenex

Package of Dry-Erase markers  (NOT SHARPIES)


Note:  during the year, as projects are determined based on scholars’ research and interest, there will be additional items required.  I will give you as much prep-time as possible for those items.