Edward Garcia » AP Gov & Politics & US History

AP Gov & Politics & US History

Scholar Contract: 2019-20 School Year


Mr. Garcia: Social Studies

Email: egarcia@theaskacademy.org




Welcome to the 2019-20 school year.  This course (US History, Gov. & Politics) is a requirement for graduation.  You must pass the class with a 70% or higher to receive credit and meet the requirement for graduation.  Below is a breakdown on how the class will be assessed.




-All assignments are given a due date when assigned.  If you turn in a assignment late there is a 10% deduction for every day it is late, with a 40% penalty cap.  If you turn in a assignment 4 days late or more the highest grade you can earn is 60%. I take all late work.  Just keep in mind the penalty for turning in work late.


-You must be in class within 5 minutes from the end of the previous class period.  If you come in after that, it is marked as a Unexcused Tardy. If you have a pass then it will be marked as an Excused Tardy.


-Plagiarism is not tolerated under any circumstance.  If you are caught plagiarizing you will receive a zero for the assignment, the assignment cannot be made up, and it will be noted on the grade book.


-If you are absent, it is your responsibility to meet with me when you return to get any assignments or notes you may have missed.


-No food or drink is allowed in the Learning Space.  This is a campus wide policy.