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About Mr. Hurley

Mr. Sean Hurley

  I am a proud 18 year military veteran who believes that we never stop learning. I came into teaching after finding my zeal for imparting knowledge to others as an instructor in the United States Navy. This zest followed me after my service to our country, and I never got over the feeling of seeing my students "get it" and flourish. Comprehension of a concept in others is what drove me to drop everything in my life, quit a promising job with Harley Davidson, and pursue my Masters in Teaching at The University of New Mexico.

    I am a former Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) industry professional having worked in the ship design field, designing electrical ship systems for the worlds most powerful Navy! There are parts of my design elements in several of the Navy's Arleigh Burke class destroyers, DDG110, DDG113 and DDG 114. I hope to bring a new level of professionalism, direction, and imagination to the CAD program at The ASK Academy!

    I have always had an affinity and fascination for the way the human mind works, which drove me to pursue my B.A. in Psychology at UNM, finishing that degree later on  while enlisted in the Navy. It is my intention to plant the seed of inquisitive research on the human mind in our young eighth graders as they ready themselves to transition to the rigors of high school education. Knowing how and why we think can be useful as we develop new and interesting ways to study and succeed in life.

    I am an avid motorcycle rider, auto mechanic, ceramics and pottery hobbyist, carpenter, father and husband. I take every opportunity to ride my Harley. I love the open road and use my free time outside of school to tour the beautiful New Mexico landscape with my lovely wife. Occasionally we will load up the kids, go off-roading and picnic in the "wilds" of Central New Mexico.

Personal Philosophies.

-There is no growth without conflict or struggle.

-It is okay to struggle.

-Challenge yourself.

-It is okay to fail, as long as you keep trying to succeed.

-There is no success without failure.

-Do your research or suspend opinion.

-Think for yourself.

-Embrace who you are as and individual, there is only one you and you are pretty awesome!