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Classroom policies



Mutual Respect:

In order to get respect you need to give respect. Respect is earned, not given. Respecting others begins with respecting yourself. In order to begin respecting yourself you need to begin your day with a great Attitude. No one can control how you feel but yourself. Remember, a life lived in the service of others is a life well lived.


Cell Phone Use:

No cellphones in class for any reason!

Cell phones are a constant source of distraction in class. If a scholar is caught on their cell phone for anything other than classroom related use, with the direction of the project manager (me), it will be confiscated. If a cellphone is confiscated, the scholar will put their name on it with a post it note, the phone will be placed in my desk, and can be retrieved at the end of the day.



Foul Language will not be tolerated. Any use of foul language will result in a warning for the scholar. Subsequent use will result in a zero participation grade for the day. A third infraction will result in an office referral.



Habitual tardiness will not be tolerated. Tardies are reported to attendance per infraction. If the Scholar is habitually tardy, classroom participation will suffer and the participation grade will be affected. See the scholar handbook for new tardy policies.


You may listen to music on an mp3 player or ipod style device, not a cell phone, while you are working on your projects. If what you are listening to is too loud for your neighbor and I have to intervene, I will have you shut it off until the end of class.



There will be no open drink containers in the classroom. There will be  absolutely no food in the room for any reason. If a scholar wants water, they can bring it into the classroom in a re-sealable container and leave it on the counter at the back of the room. If you have food, you will have one of two choices: throw it in the trash, or go into the commons and finish eating it and receive a zero for class participation for the day.


Do not bring gum to the classroom. Gum chewing results in a zero participation for the day. Every semester I get the opportunity to clean gum off of the underside of tables, chairs, and desks and it is gross. Do not bring it to class. If you are chewing gum, toss it in a trash can before you walk into the classroom.


IEP Accommodations:

All accommodations will be met in the classroom. ADHD processing devices, ie: fidget devices, headphones, earplugs, dark glasses, and ANY device NOT found on their accommodation paperwork will not be allowed in class. If you feel you need these devices, talk to your parents and please have them identify the need with your case manager (if you have one).

Late work policy:
Work is assigned and collected on specific dates in order for the classroom and curriculum to flow from one topic or subject to the other in a timely manner. When work is late, the scholar is behind the learning curve with the rest of the class. Also, when work is late, my time is reallocated to grade the late work. The more late work that ends up in my basket, the more time I need to reallocate to grate it as opposed to grading work that is on time. Late work will be accepted on a case by case basis. Late work will not be accepted at full credit for “I forgot” or “My dog ate it”. Late work will be accepted at a lowered score, following this schedule:


One day: -5 percent

Two days: -10 percent

Three days: -15 percent.

Four days: -20 percent.

Five days: No longer accepted.