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Announcement:  The last day to turn in work for the first half of Quarter 1, 2019, is Friday, August 29.  Progress Reports will go out September 6.
Welcome to Mrs. Kerby's Website!
I am glad to welcome you to both Engineering and Design (6th and 7th grades) and Robotics (8th grade).  I hope this will be a year of learning about the Engineering Design Process, Collaboraiton, self reflection, and personal growth for you!
In order to navigate, locate your Google Classroom on the menu bar at the bottom of this page.  Click on the link to the page for your class.   You will need to use this website in conjunction with Google Classroom where you will find copies of PowerPoint Presentations, rubrics, forms, and other items that you may have forgotten at school. 
Absent:  Please check Google Classroom and your class page on this website to see what we covered in class, what was assigned, and what was due that day.

Late Work As in the “real world”, projects completed early will be rewarded and projects submitted late will be penalized.  This is project specific and indicated on the rubric for each project.  Class work, homework, or other individual work will be assessed a penalty of 10% per day if turned in by 10 am on the Friday of the week in which it is due.  A zero will be entered into the grade book if the assignment is not turned in on the due date to notify scholars and parents of the need to complete the assignment.

NO work will be accepted on a unit after the exam for the unit.


Quarter Grades:    Scholars will be evaluated on the following criteria within each quarter:

Assessments – 30%  (Quizzes, tests, etc.)

Projects – 40% (Select your groups wisely – it affects your grade!)

Practice – 20% (Engineering Notebook and classwork)

Quizzes – 10%


Semester Grades: Scholar’s semester grades will be calculated as follows:

Quarter 1(3) – 40%

Quarter 2(4) – 40%

Semester Final – 20%


Cell Phones:  Cell phones can be a great tool for slow motion videos, calculators, research, and much more.  However, they can also be a great distraction and can be misused.  Therefore, cell phones are not allowed out of your back packs (may not be in pockets) without the express permission of Mrs. Kerby.  Any violation will result in the cell phone being confiscated for the duration of the class (first offense) with a warning to the student and notice to the parent/guardian.  A second offense will result in confiscation until the end of the day, with an email to the parent/guardian.  Further violations will follow the school discipline matrix.


Group Work:  This course is designed to be “real world project based”.  This means you are expected to work with other scholars, bring materials, and complete your portion of the project in a timely manner. YOU should strive to help the group complete projects on time to the best of the group’s ability.  If you are having difficulty with a group member, YOU are expected to discuss this privately with Mrs. Kerby at least one week BEFORE the project deadline. “My group wasn’t doing their part,” will not be accepted as an excuse for missing or late work unless you have spoken with Mrs. Kerby first.  If YOU are not doing your share of the work, and your group talks with Mrs. Kerby, she will speak with you privately.  You will be given a few days to improve.  After that time, you may be pulled off the team and required to complete the project individually, but by a slightly lengthened deadline. Learn to work with others by listening to and valuing what they have to say.

Damage to property:  Some of our projects use Lego, SparkFun Kits, or electronics, purchased by the school or by Mrs. Kerby.  Before beginning a project using these materials, your group will inventory the kits noting any damaged or missing parts.  At the end of the project, the kit will be inventoried again, noting any additional missing or damaged parts.  Your group will be responsible for paying for the missing or damaged parts.  The fee will be divided equally among your group.  If one member of your group is misusing the parts, alert Mrs. Kerby and that scholar will be responsible for the damage he/she caused.


Computer Usage:  You will have a computer assigned to you.  It is YOUR responsibility to handle this computer with care.  If you notice any damage to the computer, fill out a “Computer Misuse” form.  This will ensure you are not blamed for another person’s damage to the computer.  See the ASK Student Handbook for computer usage rules.  Violations may result in loss of computer privileges. 


NOTE TO 6th GRADE:  Notebook size required is 8 1/2" x 11" or larger - the Syllabus on the ASK Academy Webpage!  The syllabus on the Google Classroom page IS correct.


See you soon!