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Barb McCann

Hello and Welcome to my home page.  
This is my 3rd full year at ASK and my 26th year of teaching science.  I have taught in NM, MI, and HI.  I have a BS in Psychology, a MA in Education, and an EdS in Administration.  I teach chemistry (periods 1 and 6), AP Chemistry (period 3), and Anatomy & Physiology (periods 3 & 7).  
I am also a mom of 2.  We live in Cabezon.  In my spare time, I like to read, travel, and swim.  
The easiest way to communicate with me is via email bmccann@theaskacademy.  We can then schedule a phone call or meeting.  
If you would like to join the individual classroom webpages, here are the passwords within Google Classroom.  
1st-vumft73     3rd - j7ah4dw      5th - puudcrg     6th - qjy4xof      7th - 7yj672v
Some general rules for all of my classes are:  
RULES: Class rules are simple. 1.  Be respectful.  2.  Do your best.  3.  Use your time wisely.
Quarter Grades:  Assessments (quizzes, tests, and some labs) will account for 60% of the grade.  
Classwork (daily assignments, some labs, simulations) will account for 40% of the grade. 
HOMEWORK POLICY: Homework is to complete any assignments given or to review notes, concepts, and coursework.  Each scholar is responsible for doing the assignments themselves.  Although the internet may offer assistance, copying the material will not help you learn it.  You are responsible for understanding and comprehending the material. 
LATE WORK POLICY:  All assignments are due on the specified due date.  10% will be deducted for each day late.  Once the unit assessment is given, those assignments are no longer available.  If a scholar has missing assignments from before the unit assessment, they may speak with me to obtain the points through alternate assignments.  
Thank you