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To all 7th and 8th grade Algebra scholars Welcome to the Shark Tank!!!
My name is Mr. Miller.
I grew up in New Jersey
I played Ice Hockey and ran Track in High School.
I was in the USAF for 6 years.
I was an Aircraft Mechanic and Combat Controller.
I worked for many companies before becoming a teacher.
I graduated from UNM.
I have been a teacher for 25 years.
I have 2 kids an 20 year old boy, and an 10 year old girl.
My last gig was at Cibola High School where I taught Algebra 2, Statistics, and Transitions to College Math.
I am very pumped about working with you, you are going to learn soooo much.
Why Sharks? They are probably the most mathematically correct life form.

Supply List  (when we get back in the building)

  • 1 Package of Pencils
  • 1 large Spiral Notebook (150 pages)
  • 1 Folder with Pockets and Prongs
  • 1 package of Loose Leaf Paper
  • GEOMETRY (in addition to above)
  • compass
  • protractor
  • ruler
Classroom Supplies  (when we get back in the building)
1 ream of Copy Paper
For even periods (2,4,6)  1 box of Facial Tissue
For odd periods (1,3,7)    1 roll of Paper Towels
4th Period (FC)                1 32GB Flash drive (you should have one for FC)
What you need now
A notebook
Something to write with
A working computer with internet access
An extreme amount of patience, empathy, and understanding.