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Reading Intervention, Resource & Fundamental Connections

Pairing a matched audio copy with a printed copy of text that scholars: #1) find interesting & #2) is at or above their recommended Lexile level for 20 minutes every day (reading log requirements) is, from my experience, critical.


Currently, I have a scholar who entered reading Intervention class as a 6th grader but he was reading at a 2nd grade level.  He worked hard & did not ALL but MOST of the assignments which earned him Bs for both semesters as a 6th grader.  At the end of the 1st semester, the i-Ready diagnostic showed that he had gained 56 points & was already reading at a 3rd grade level.  By the end of the year in May, he had gained 21 additional points which placed him at a 4th grade level.  That's an improvement of 2 grade levels over one school year!  

Then, over the summer, he worked hard to find books that he found interesting & were at / above his recommended Lexile level to pair read (with both audio & printed text copies to follow along).  When school resumed this August he is now reading at 6th grade level!!  By reading over the summer, he improved by 2 more grade levels!!!  So, in one year's time, from the beginning of 6th grade to the beginning of 7th grade, he improved his reading by 4 grade levels - largely by doing the paired reading at home as he was asked.  I share this story because I want scholars to know that, with the persistence that it takes to obtain the materials (both audio & printed text copies), it is possible for scholars to improve their reading skills & abilities.  


I now have several books that students can borrow from the classroom & they now have free access to an audiobook library but their individual interests and reading levels will not always match up so scholars will probably need parent support obtaining books & their audio copies that interest them & are at their level from the library or online where they are often available for free.  The library also offers some free digital options like so that books can be checked out from the comforts of home.  If you are interested in paying for a subscription, Kindle books can be paired with a feature that highlights the words as they are being read called Whispersync but this is through Audible, which can be pricey - personally, I subscribe to Scribd because it is only $9 a month & frequently has both text and audio copies of books I use for class.