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The best way to help secondary scholars improve their reading is not only to find printed materials that interest them and are toward the higher end of their Lexile range but to also obtain the audio copy of the text so that s/he can follow the print as s/he is listening to it.  This alleviates the stress of decoding and frees up brain resources to focus on the content and better hold onto the meaning of what s/he is reading (comprehension).  At the same time, audiobooks read at a model rate and with the necessary expression (fluency) to reinforce comprehension and make reading enjoyable. Parent(s) may be interested in the following article:

If you would like your scholar to work on improving their reading skills I highly recommend the "PAIRED" audio & printed text approach 20-30 minutes per day, 5-7 days / week.  In order to do this from the comforts of home, please explore this free resource from ASK - the purple tab:
Enhanced Books,
offers BOTH audio & highlights the text as it is being read. 
***To find the Lexile level that corresponds to your scholar's grade level click on this link:
There is also an app for this collection, which is available for download from iTunes and the Google Play store. It appears under the collection's older name:
The app has all the books from the updated website & it's totally free! Scholars will only need the username and password to sign in.