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Reading Intervention

2022 - 2023

COURSE TITLE:  Reading Intervention

PROJECT MANAGER:  Michelle Montoya, Ed.S.

PHONE:  505.891.0757 x615            

EMAIL:  [email protected]

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  (Link to course descriptions)  


This course is aligned with the New Mexico Public Education Standards. 


Quarter Grades are Based on Total Points.

Semester Grades - Scholar’s semester grades will be calculated as follows:

Quarter 1  – 40%     Quarter 2 – 40%      Semester Final – 20%

Quarter 3 – 40% Quarter 4 – 40% Semester Final – 20%


The grading scale will follow the ASK Academy standards:

A+ = 96 - 100% 

A = 90 - 95%

B = 80 - 89%

C = 70 - 79%

N/C (No credit) = Below 70%


Listening to books while following the text is the best 

(not to mention, most enjoyable) 

way to improve decoding, fluency & comprehension 

(all at the same time)!

The best way to help secondary scholars improve their reading is not only to find printed materials that interest them & are toward the higher end of their Lexile range but to also obtain the audio copy of the text so that s/he can follow the print as s/he is listening to it.  This alleviates the stress of decoding and frees up brain resources to focus on the content and better hold onto the meaning of what s/he is reading (comprehension).  At the same time, audiobooks read at a model rate and with the necessary expression (fluency) to reinforce comprehension and make reading enjoyable.  Parent(s) may be interested in this article here.


  • Computers: without being asked/reminded, ALWAYS keep your computer at an angle the manager can see.  Disregarding this rule is disrespectful.  Only 1 warning will be given before a write-up is issued.  ***IF A SCHOLAR IS FOUND TO HAVE TABS OPEN THAT ARE UNRELATED TO CLASS (i.e.: youtube, discord, video games, etc.) ONLY 1 WARNING WILL BE GIVEN BEFORE A WRITE-UP IS ISSUED. 

  • Headphones: ALWAYS bring a pair of headphones to class & USE THEM when doing i-Ready; even if scholars believe they don’t “need” them, using audio improves focus, fluency & comprehension.   

  • Cell Phones: the use of cell phones requires permission – ASK before taking them out.  Accessing phones without permission will result in a loss of their availability for the remainder of the class period.  Phones should be zipped in backpacks, NOT in pockets.   Again, only 1 warning will be given before a write-up is issued. 

  • Library Card: Obtain a library card in the scholar’s name.

  • Captions: ALWAYS have the captions on when watching movies or television at home.   


Typically, passes to go to the bathroom/nurse are not limited; however, if multiple scholars start asking to leave class every day, passes may be limited to 3 per quarter. 


Whenever scholars are caught working extra hard they are given a signature & the collection of ten signatures earns scholars a $10 gift card to local eateries & stores.  


For a weekly grade of 18/18 points, scholars will be asked to work in the program 80 minutes & pass (70% or higher) 2 lessons each week.  Bonus points are awarded for extra time and/or extra lessons passed.  So if a scholar is struggling to pass lessons one week, s/he can put in some extra time to make up the points s/he missed for not passing lessons but if s/he is focused and passes 3 lessons right away, s/he would only have to work in the program for 40 minutes to earn 100% for the week. 

  • i-Ready
  • Username: scholar's first & last name, no caps, no spaces: michellemontoya
  • Password: askacademy

Initially, grade level estimates from i-Ready may seem low but, if scholars EMBRACE the PAIRED reading approach (following the printed text while listening to the audio) & the individualized instruction from i-Ready over the school year, most scholars will improve 2-grade levels.  Grade level estimates are not carved in stone; they are just a snapshot & do not represent the whole child.  


  • 20 minutes: i-Ready
  • 20 minutes: Daily Lesson
  • 20 minutes: PAIRED Reading 


  • 20 minutes: Reading Plus 

For a weekly grade of 20/20 points, scholars will be asked to work in the program for 100 minutes & pass (80% or higher) 2 lessons each week.  Bonus points are awarded for extra time and/or extra lessons passed. 

  • Reading Plus
  • Site Code: RPASKAC1
  • Username: firstinitiallastname: mmontoya
  • Password: ASK!


If classwork is not completed in class, it can be turned in before the quarter is over for full credit; other classes will have stricter policies because they are much larger.   While scholars cannot “make up” work on i-Ready or Reading Plus, they can always earn bonus points by doing more than what is required on a weekly basis - in this way, they can “make up” missed points on i-Ready & Reading Plus. 


When scholars miss school scholars should email their managers something along the following lines (feel free to copy and paste):

Dear Managers, I  am afraid I had to miss school today.  I will check my Google Classroom pages to see what I may have missed but please send me any additional details you think I might need to know.  Thank you so very much, I hope to be back soon.  Have a good day, Scholar Name