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Welcome to My Classes

Thanks for visiting my web site. Please find your specific class by clicking on the tab at the bottom of this page. While I post most assignments and due dates on Google Classroom, parents and scholars can come here to find the class agenda and other general links. 
About me:
This year is the fifth year that I work at ASK. I am so proud to be a member of the ASK family. I have two masters in Mechanical and Civil engineering. I graduated from University of Colorado Denver and I am a professional Engineer (PE). I used to work at some engineering companies like ICAST as an energy engineer. My love in Math and science and its application in engineering and more than that my passion for teaching convinced me to continue my career as an educator.  I am so excited that I will teach AP Physics, Physics and Principal of Engineering this school year. My hobbies are hiking, reading historic book and watching European movies. 
Late Work:
My late submission policy for unexcused late submission is 10% deduction from original grade for each 24 hours. No assignment will be accepted after one week.
Evaluation policy:
20% of your grade is based on practice and participation. This section evaluates the engagement of each scholar in all the group or individual activities include lab activities.
30% of the grade is related to the projects. All of these three classes are project-based-learning classes and projects play a key role in the scholars' grade.
20% of the grade is related to quizzes which scholars take after each sub-chapter and they have a chance to level up these grades by talking about mistakes and correct methods after school or Fridays. Remediation of the quiz grade is not acceptable after end of chapter test.
30% of the grade is also related to end of chapter tests.
Technology Policy:
Using cell phone is not allowed in my class unless I ask scholars to use it for some educational goals. Cell phones should be off in the pocket or bag pack. Scholars who use computers in class are just allowed to use them for their tasks. Inappropriate use of technology after one warning causes discipline referral form.