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Ms Michelle Nuanez - MS

Welcome to my homepage! From this page you should be able to find class resources, information and general links. Most assignments and due dates will be administered via Google Classroom. Please check back regularly for updates!
A little bit about me!
I earned my bachelors and masters degrees in biology/ecology from UNM. My background is heavy in environmental/earth and planetary sciences as well as ecology, with my thesis work centered around understanding global scale climate change. As part of my thesis I looked at how parameters such as plant community makeup and ecosystem type affect global scale climate modeling efforts, and also how sensitive certain communities are to these projected changes. I love biology and am passionate about asking complex answers and finding those answers.
This is my first year teaching for the ASK Academy, however my son is a scholar here so I am not entirely new to the ASK philosophy. I have been continually impressed by the ASK Academy and am honored to be brought on. I have taught at CNM and UNM for the past 5 years and remain at CNM part time teaching general biology and microbiology classes. I am so excited to interact with, support and teach scholars at ASK this year.
Outside of biology and teaching, my passions center around horses. We own 6 horses and I ride, train and
give instruction semi-professionally. We ride for pleasure as well as compete up to the national level.
Late Work:
Assignments are due on the designated date. Assignments that are due in hard copy (not an electronic file) are due during the student's class period. Electronically submitted assignments are due at 4:00 PM. Students who are absent from class are NOT automatically exempt from due dates and deadlines. If a student is absent or has multiple conflicting assignments or otherwise has a need for an extension, they must contact me via email me before the assignment is due. Electronically submitted assignments will rarely be given extensions for absence from class. Failure to make arrangements prior to the due date will result in a grade deduction. Late assignments will receive 20% off per calendar day it is late and will not be accepted late for any reason more than one week after the due date. 
Grading will follow a point value system. Please see the class' individual syllabus for a complete breakdown of grades. 

4.5pts (A+) = 96-100 %    4pts (A) = 90-95 %   3pts (B) = 80-89 %    2.0 pts (C) = 70-79 %    N/C = Below 70 %

Students should plan to keep their personal devices in their backpacks; laptops and other technology are allowed only when specifically permitted. Inappropriate use of technology may result in the device being confiscated until the end of the class or turned into the office to be picked up by a parent at the end of the day.  
Communication with parents and scholars
I look forward to connecting with all of my parents and scholars this year. Please email me with any questions, concerns or feedback. I do my best to get back to all emails within 2 business days, however, I sometimes miss an email! If I have not gotten back to you within a few days, feel free to resend that email or send me a reminder.