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Useful Info

Welcome to Ms. Romero's Website. This is a work-in-progress. Your patience is appreciated. :)


It is my fourth year as a Project Manager at The ASK Academy and I am grateful to work in a supportive and challenging environment. Challenge with support is one of the best ways we can experience growth. I have teaching licenses in English/Language Arts, Social Sciences, and Special Education.


Course Descriptions:

Seventh & Eighth grade English focuses on reading, writing, and speaking critically. One goal is to enable scholars to communicate effectively and interpret information from a variety of modalities. Scholars will work with a variety of sources including narratives and informational text, to develop inferencing skills. Scholars will be challenged as they learn to read increasingly complex texts for a deeper understanding, determining the central theme and assessing the author’s point of view. Scholars will practice reading and writing arguments to support claims with valid reasoning and evidence. The content aligns with the common core state standards


  Scholars in both sections will be expected to work independently and collaboratively during their class time. Homework will always be posted on Google Classroom, with the exception of studying for vocabulary tests.


Class expectations:

Respect your project manager. Respect your teammates. Respect your space. Respect yourself.


Ms. Romero expects her scholars to:

  • come to class on time; be organized and ready to learn.
  • be respectful of all ideas given in class.
  • reach out for help.
  • make mistakes and learn from those mistakes.
  • be responsible for own attitude and actions.
  • respect all property – school, personal and other’s.
  • use technology wisely and appropriately.
  • use their manners.
  • clean up after themselves.


Scholars can expect Ms. Romero to:

  • create a warm, comforting, and fun classroom.
  • be prepared to teach everyday.
  • be PASSIONATE about what she teaches!
  • be available for homework help by phone or email.
  • make some mistakes and learn from them.



  Scholars are expected to come to class each day prepared. In order to be prepared for Middle School (grades 7 & 8) English, scholars will need the following:

  One three-subject notebook, a pocket folder, pens (BLUE or BLACK ink only), pencils, 3x5 index cards, loose leaf paper, and 3x3 Post-it notes.



  • The grading scale will follow the ASK Academy standards:

A+ = 96-100 % A = 90-95 % B = 80-89 % C = 70-79 % N/C = Below 70 %


Homework: Weekly, there will be vocabulary (&/or grammar/usage) quizzes on Thursdays. Study materials will be given on Monday in class and studying at home is an expectation. Occasionally, there will be papers and projects to complete, with time and effort inside & outside of class.

Reading Practice: Scholars are expected to complete 30 minutes (or more) of independent reading each night with an expectation of 150 minutes a week in addition to their classwork.


Absences - Please check Google Classroom and your class page on this website to see what we worked on in class, what was assigned, and what may be due for that day. You may also send me an email.


Late Work – The Late Work Policy is as follows:

  • 1 – 4 days late = 10% off per day the work is late
  • 5 days late = ½ credit 
  • An “Amnesty Day” will be offered once per quarter for all other late work
  • No extra credit is offered, however, scholars may work with the Project Manager on Fridays to resubmit practice/project work, as allowed.



Plagiarism (copying work from another scholar, a website, a book, etc. and passing it off as your own) is a serious offense.  The assignment will be entered as a zero in the grade book, a referral will be written, and a phone call or email home will be made.


Assignment/Product Expectations:

Scholars are expected to produce high quality, thoughtful work that shows evidence of the time given. As a Project Manager, I will return work to be re-done if the work does not meet ASK standards of excellence. Homework will be assigned as necessary; however, work not completed in class will be assigned as homework. Penalties will be assessed on late work. It is the responsibility of the scholar to make arrangements to turn in assignments/products if an absence occurs. Any missed test/quiz will be taken on the day the scholar returns, no exceptions. It is the responsibility of the scholar to be prepared for the test/quiz upon return.


Evaluation per quarter (makes up quarter grade):

Practice                                                        40%

Assessments                                                45%

Participation                                                 15%


Evaluation per semester (makes up semester grade):

1st quarter                                                    40%

2nd quarter                                                    40%

Final exam grade                                         20%


On-line Resources: – Scholars are encouraged to regularly use the teacher’s website and Google Classroom.  Make up work and assignment files will be on the teacher website or Google Classroom. If the internet is not available at home, students may use the ASK resources on Friday mornings.


Cell phones - Cell phones can be a great resource or the opposite, depending on how & when we use them.

Generally, cell phones are expected to be in backpacks unless scholars are explicitly directed to use them for classroom assignments or projects. Thank you for your respectful use. There will be a box for cell phones to go that are being used improperly and if scholars do not comply (or repeat the misuse), cell phones will be taken to

Ms. Mary Lou Lopez and these can picked up at 4pm. I will send an email to the scholar's parent/guardian. Further violations will follow the school discipline matrix.

*If a parent/guardian would like to reach their scholar about transportation etc., they can call the front desk and be patched through to their classroom (or ask to leave a message with Ms. Mary Lou Lopez).


Wish List Items:

Any of these that you can donate to the classroom are appreciated.

Please include scholar’s name on any donated items. Thank you!

  • Amazon gift card
  • Barnes & Noble gift card
  • Play-doh multi-pack
  • Hardy houseplants
  • Tissues multi-pack
  • Clorox (e.g.) wipes multi-pack
  • Dry erase markers & Expo spray
  • Wooden #2 Pencils or mechanical pencils
  • Reams of printer paper
  • 3 subject notebooks, any color
  • 2 pocket folders, any color
  • Packs of Loose-leaf paper
  • Blue & black ink Pens
  • Rolls of Scotch Tape
  • Sturdy floor lamp
  • AAA batteries
  • AA batteries
  • Forever stamps
  • Packs of .07 and .05 lead
  • Heavy-duty electric pencil sharpener
  • Fun scented antibac (from Bed, Bath, and Body Works, e.g.)