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2020/2021 School Year

My name is Emily Romero and I teach ELA7 and Special Education 7/8. I operate from a thought and belief that learning is both a lifelong and daily endeavor. I hope this will be a valuable year of learning, introspection, and growth for you!


ELA7 focuses on reading, writing, speaking and listening with individual and collaborative work. One overarching goal is to enable scholars to communicate effectively and interpret information from a variety of modalities. Scholars will work with a variety of sources including narratives and informational text, to develop inference skills. Scholars will be challenged as they learn to read and discuss increasingly complex texts for a deeper understanding, determining the central theme and assessing the author’s point of view. Scholars will evaluate both fiction and non-fiction (informational text) to support claims with valid reasoning and evidence. Weekly vocabulary practice, use, and acquisition serves to support the development of all areas of communication and comprehension. Creative and artistic projects are integrated into this class to boost literacy and comprehension while also differentiating instruction and reaching a wider range of learners. The content aligns with the common core state standards


FC (Fundamental Connections) is an advisory class where we check in about academics, get organized with time management and study skills, and participate in DARE lessons (to prevent substance abuse through education and building self-esteem).


Here is some useful information to get you started:


Norms for Scholars using Google Meet - Expectations during virtual teaching and learning:

- RESPECT at all times!

- Use technology appropriately, respect your Manager, yourself, and others

- Cameras on

- Mics muted

- Respectful conversation both verbally and in the chat (no side conversations)

***one person speaks at a time

- Answer questions when called upon

- Participate actively and stay focused

- Only one background per class time & backgrounds must be appropriate

- Do not change who is presenting

- Enter class on time

- Limit distractions (stuffed animals, pets, toys of any kind)

- Complete work on time

- Remember: a majority of the classwork will be done outside of the Google Meeting - use your time wisely

- Submit work through Google Classroom

- Make arrangements for Office Hours (one-on-one meetings/help) in advance (email preferred)

- Dress appropriately for learning

- Do not enter the meet before class time

Late Work Policy: All work is due on the due date. Late work will receive 1/2 credit (Feedback may not be available for late work). One 'Amnesty' day will be offered per quarter (Remember, our current schedule gives you a great deal of time to complete assignments).

Attendance Grades: Grades will be given for attendance and weighted at 10%. Come to class prepared, ready to learn, and follow the Norms for Scholars using Google Meet and you will receive all of the points.

Grading: My grades are set-up using weighted categories. These are Projects/Final Drafts = 30%; Quizzes= 30%; Classwork (which includes work done at home)/Journals/Rough Drafts = 30%; and Attendance = 10%. Most shorter assignments will be graded within 5 days of submission. Longer assignments will take longer to grade; essays and projects may take 1-3 weeks to grade.

Revisions and Low Quiz Grades: Most classwork/homework can be revised for a higher grade (up to 100 if on-time; up to 50 if late). For quizzes, one may request an independent research OR creative writing project or to earn back points. Please make these requests via email and I will send you the guidelines. These must be requested and completed before the last week of each quarter.

Absences: All assignments will originate through Google Classroom. That is the first place you should check to see what is due. Complete the assignment and turn it in. It may be helpful for you to email me to let me know that you are going to be absent and that you are checking for work that is due. Communicate with me.

Missed Quizzes: Reminder: If you miss a quiz due to being absent, you need to come to the next Support Hour (11-12 on M, T, Th, Fr) OR take the quiz during the next time your class period meets. Please ASK me for the quiz at either of those times and I will share the link with you. If you do not ASK me for the quiz at either of those two times, the zero will remain. Please study and practice in advance (see the 'Vocab. Practice' Section under 'Classwork' in Google Classroom). Email me if you cannot find these materials and I will help you. The honor code continues to be in effect during online quizzes; do your best unassisted.

Cell Phone or other electronic devices not related to our online class: Turn off your cell phone or other device not related to our class when you come to our Google Meet. There will be days where we will use these devices, but it will not be everyday and I will let you know in advance.


Be respectful, professional, and prepared. Appreciate our differences. 


Homework: Weekly, there will be vocabulary (&/or grammar/usage) quizzes on Fridays. Study materials will be given on Monday in class and studying at home is an expectation. There will be daily reading journals (please see Independent Reading Practice below) and periodic entrance & exit tickets, classwork, papers, and projects to complete, with time and effort inside & outside of class. When we are reading a novel, there will be reading to complete outside of class. A link to the online PDF of the novel will be in the 'Classwork' tab on Google Classroom under the novel's name.

Independent Reading Practice*: Scholars are expected to complete 20 minutes (or more) of independent reading each night with an expectation of 140 minutes (or more) a week in addition to their classwork. You can read more than 20 min. daily but you still have to read everyday (7 days/wk). You are free to choose what you read as long as it is appropriate for school (it can be a novel. blog, comic book, news, info. about a topic of interest, etc), to read outside of your reading/grade level, to re-read, and to change your mind. You will have short daily journals to complete and the prompt will change daily. Please read the directions and answer the questions. These are posted in google classroom and due by 11:59 pm daily.

*If you want to become more a confident speaker and more adept at reading aloud, I strongly recommend that you do your reading practice out loud. Look up the way to pronounce words that you get stuck on.


Plagiarism: Plagiarism (copying work from another scholar, a website, a book, etc. and passing it off as your own) is a serious offense.  The assignment will be entered as a zero in the grade book, a referral will be written, and a phone call or email home will be made.


Assignment/Product Expectations:

Scholars are expected to produce high quality, thoughtful work that shows evidence of the time given. As a Project Manager, I will return work to be re-done if the work does not meet ASK standards of excellence. Please read the directions and answer the questions. Homework will be assigned as necessary; however, work not completed in class will be assigned as homework. Penalties will be assessed on late work. It is the responsibility of the scholar to make arrangements to turn in assignments/products if an absence occurs. Any missed test/quiz will be taken on the day the scholar returns or in support hour. It is the responsibility of the scholar to be prepared for the test/quiz upon return.


No extra credit is offered, however, scholars may work with me in support hours (M, Tues, Thurs, & Fri from 11-12) or office hours (by advance request via email) to revise classwork, as allowed. There are no quiz retakes however scholars may request an independent creative writing or research project to complete and earn back points. Please make these requests via email and I will send you the guidelines. These must be requested and completed before the last week of each quarter.


Grading: The grading scale will follow the ASK Academy standards: A+ = 96-100 % A = 90-95 % B = 80-89 % C = 70-79 % N/C = Below 70 %


Evaluation per semester (makes up semester grade):

1st quarter                                                    40%

2nd quarter                                                    40%

Final exam grade                                         20%


Supply List Items for Hybrid and In-Person ELA7*: 

  • 2 two-pocket folders (one per semester)
  • 1 three-subject notebook
  • 1 Box of #2 pencils (or 1 package of mechanical pencils)
  • 1 Handheld Pencil Sharpener
  • 1 Package of Black or Blue pens
  • 1 box of Colored Pencils
  • 1 box of Colored Markers
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • 3” x 3” Sticky Notes
  • Highlighters
  • Regular size (3" x 5") index cards
  • Box of Tissues - Please!
  • Clorox (or other anti-bac) Wipes - Please!
*These are for hybrid and in-person ELA7, not online, starting Sept. 7, as of 07/31 and is subject to change. The two folders, notebook, tissues, and wipes (5 items) will be dedicated to ELA7. All the rest of these items can be items you already have and they can be used in/shared with other classes. Thank you!


Supply List Items for Hybrid and In-Person FC*: 

  • 1 two-subject notebook
  • 1 two-pocket Folder dedicated to FC
  • Pencils and pens of the scholars choice
  • Box of Tissues - Please!
  • Clorox (or other anti-bac) Wipes - Please!
  • *These are for hybrid and in-person FC, not online, starting Sept. 7 as of 08/02, and is subject to change. Thank you!


Wish List Items: Any of these that you can donate to the virtual (and later, physical) classroom are appreciated. Please include scholar and parent/guardian name on any donated items. Thank you!

  • Amazon gift card (for buying books for the classroom library and misc. classroom and school supplies for scholars)
  • Tissues multi-pack
  • Clorox (e.g.) wipes multi-pack
  • Hand Sanitizer in fun scents
  • Any additional school supplies from the above supply lists