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Welcome to my website!  To navigate, locate your class on the menu bar at the right.  Click on the link to the page for your class.  I update each class's web page each week to post the agenda, update due dates, and to upload attachments like PowerPoint presentations, home assignments, and projects.  If you are absent, please check to see what we covered in class, what was assigned, and what was due that day.
To get you started, outlined below are some basics:
Late Work:  I understand that on occasion, all your Project Managers will conspire against you and assign projects, tests, and homework with the same due date.  If this occurs, please talk to me to negotiate an alternative due date.  Otherwise, late assignments will incur a 10% per day penalty.  For example, if you do not turn in an assignment that is worth 5o points until the next day, the total points available to you will be 40 points.  If I take points off for incomplete or incorrect answers, I subtract those points from the 40.   Assignments will be collected at the beginning of class so if you don't have your assignment ready to hand-in, it is late.  If you are absent on the day an assignment is due, please e-mail it to me to avoid late work penalties.
Grading:  My gradebook is set-up on a total points basis, not categories.  Individual assignments will bear different point values.  Remember, each quarter is worth 40% of your grade and the final exam will constitute the remaining 20% (40% + 40% + 20% = 100%).  I generally grade over the week-end and return work on Monday.  Please keep all returned assignments because, occasionally, I record your grades incorrectly, or the gradebook does not save the grade I entered.  Your grades will be updated by the end of Monday.
Absences:  Please check the monthly calendar posted on the class web page for what we covered and due dates.  If you are absent on the day I assigned something, please make sure you check in with me upon your return.  I will post all assignments on the class web page so you can see what you are supposed to do, but I would prefer you know and understand the tasks before you attempt completing them.  We can negotiate a due date when we talk.  If you know what you need to do, then go ahead and complete the assignment and either e-mail it to me or hand it in upon your return.  
Cell Phone/Computer Policy:  Please turn off your cell phone and computer when you come to class.  There will be days when we will use these devices, but it will not be every day.  We have a lot to cover and I do not reteach material because you did not want to break your SnapChat or Instagram chain, or because you were busy trying to survive some mock battle.  It is easier to break this habit now, rather than get kicked out of a college class because you could not resist the allure of your phone.  Try explaining that to your parents after they have paid your astronomical tuition.
Contact Me:  You can e-mail me (see link in upper right hand corner) or call me at (505) 891-0757 x325.  I will get back to you as soon as I can.