Mrs. Bonnie Smith » 8th Grade Social Studies

8th Grade Social Studies

Welcome to US History!
In this class we will explore US History through the eyes of the Presidents. As we travel through history, we will learn what it was like to live during that time depending on the person's ethnicity, race and gender.
*Your supply list and class syllabus are attached below


Class Expectations:

Come to class with an open mindset, willing to try new things, follow directions and put forth your best effort. The ASK Academy is a challenging school with academic rigor. We expect scholars to be polite, collaborate with peers, work hard and persevere.

Late Work:
You are allowed to turn in late work for up to 5 calendar days with 10% deducted per day. After 5 calendar days it will be accepted at 50% credit.
Classroom Norms:
-Participate and stay focused
-One person talk at a time
-Bring your notebook and supply pouch daily
-Put supplies back where they belong
-Clean up after yourself
-Be helpful and kind to others
-no cell phones/computers/video games without permission
Regularly scheduled homework will not be assigned, however, if you don't finish something in class the expectation is that you will finish it at home and bring back the next day. 
Uniform Policy:
Uniform will be checked at the beginning of class each day. Please wear your school polo and khaki pants. You may wear a jacket if its unzipped and you can see the logo on your school polo. No hoodies or shirts over the polo, you may wear them under the polo. If out of uniform, you will be sent to the office to change or call home for a change of clothes.
Attendance: If you are absent, please call the office and report your absence. Then, check google classroom for any missed work for the day. If you are able to complete the missed work you are welcome to, however if you are unable you have 2 days for every day you are out to complete.