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How to Make the Grade in the course? 

Reflections: There are 2 ways to earn points by reflecting on tasks in this class. 

  1. On each practice set of problems, learners can reflect on each lesson. Scholars pause and write to Mr. Stephenson what lesson(s) the section of practice problems has taught the learner. This effort could level up an average grade of 80% to 100% on practices. This reflection is optional, but without reflections a practice cannot receive higher than an 80 out of 100%. No judgement, your choice. 
  2. On each project scholars can choose to provide a unique and personal reflection that can look like: a) doing more that the manager asks for; b) applying (using) the lesson(s) to something unique and personal; c) other reflective production that separates the learner from the average, yet applies the lessons required to learn.  This effort can increase a maximum average grade of 80% closer to 100%. 

Leveling Up: a learning concept initiated out of the mind of a former ASK scholar. When a task is evaluated by the manager, the scholar has an opportunity to Level Up the understanding they didn't master. When the understanding is demonstrated, the grade of that task is leveled up as well. Leveling up can occur once per task. Leveling up occurs when a scholar demonstrates increased understanding of a lesson not learned. This can occur in class, by appointment at lunch, before school, after school, or on Friday's from 8 am to 10 am. The tasks that can be leveled up are: Practice and Got It Don't Got It (GIDGI).  

There are 4 Tasks you will be asked to perform in each of the Units or Chapters. 

  1. Practice (20% of Quarter Grade) - usually book work, problems, sheets, etc. Expectation is you use class time to practice and what you don't finish in class, you practice that night. You can expect, and should desire, a quick evaluation, a "Got It - Don't Got It" (GIDGI) the following day. GIDGI's will help you focus on specific lessons you need to level-up understanding. Practices can be Leveled - Up with improved GIDGI and authentic Reflections. 
  2. Got It - Don't Got It "GIDGI" (20% of Quarter Grade) - this is a daily quiz that evaluates the accuracy and individual understanding of the previous lesson(s) practiced.  GIDGI's can be Leveled - Up by convincing Mr. S you Got it. 
  3. Project (30% of Quarter Grade) - each unit or chapter of lesson will have at least one project to apply the lessons in an authentic fashion. Not leveled up
  1. Chapter Tests (30% of Quarter Grade) - A cumulative evaluation of the mastery of a unit of lessons. This task cannot be leveled up and the scholar gets one attempt. 

Don’t forget, each term’s transcript grade is determined by a 40-40-20 method. 40% of your Term’s grade is Q1, 40% of your grade is Q2 and 20% of your grade is your Final Exam. Get them all as high as you can for your transcript grade.