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Hello Scholars and Families,


My name is Alex Tharinger and I am the project manager for 6th grade Math courses at the ASK Academy. This is my 5th year with the academy and 10th year teaching overall. I was born and raised in Rio Rancho and graduated from RRHS in 2007. I am married and have two young sons. My wife is a 1st grade teacher at Joe Harris Elementary. I am passionate about everything involving sports and have recently taken up the game of golf again. I look forward to working with all of you throughout this school year.


-Alex Tharinger




COURSE TITLE: 6th Grade Math   


PHONE:  505-891-0757 x  602          

EMAIL: [email protected] 

CLASS EXPECTATIONS: Scholars are expected to do their best to keep up with all assigned work. Math is a course subject where one concept builds on top of prior concepts so consistent effort is required to have success. To keep up with this pace there is not ample time for review with the exception at the end of each semester in preparation for final exams. Scholars are expected to enter class each day ready to work for the entire class period and will follow all classroom procedures and rules accordingly.   

STANDARDS:  This course is aligned with the New Mexico Public Education Standards. 


Quarter Grades: Assessment/Project: 60%        Practice: 40%

Semester Grades - Scholar’s semester grades will be calculated as follows:

Quarter 1 – 40%      Quarter 2 – 40%      Semester Final – 20%

Quarter 3 - 40% Quarter 4- 40% Semester Final - 20%

 GRADING SCALE:   The grading scale will follow the ASK Academy standards:

A+ = 96-100 % 

A = 90-95 %

B = 80-89 %

C = 70-79 %

N/C(No credit) = Below 70 %

HOMEWORK POLICY: Scholars will be expected to complete all homework assignments on time to the best of their ability in order to keep up with the pacing of the class.  Homework will be assigned through google classroom but will be completed in a small variety of methods (ALEKS, Google Forms/Slides). Accounts for ALEKS will be given to scholars in the first weeks of school. All homework assignments will be assigned and completed digitally so please make Mr. Tharinger aware if you have complications with devices or accessing the internet at home.

LATE WORK POLICY: It is important for a scholar to stay on top of their workload. As new scholars, there is going to be a lot expected. Therefore, it must be understood that in the real world turning in incomplete and late work can get one fired or at the very least reprimanded. That is never a comfortable experience. So, just like in the real world it is expected that all assignments are to be completed on time. However, it is also important to take responsibility when a deadline cannot be met. In such an instance, communicate right away with the Project Manager. Let them know that a deadline cannot be met and work out a plan with them to complete the assignment. This all said, it is the responsibility of each scholar to complete and turn in all assignments. Failure to complete and/or turn in an assignment will have a negative effect on grades. Late work will not be accepted past the Friday of the week it was due, and will result in a zero thereafter.  Please use Friday support as needed. One “Amnesty” day will be offered per quarter.

ABSENCES:  Absences that are known ahead of time should be communicated with Mr. Tharinger in advance to minimize loss of learning time. Unexpected absences will be dealt with on an individual basis and the expectation is to make up missed assignments during one of the support sessions in the afternoon or on Fridays. 

PROJECT EXPECTATIONS: Projects in pre-algebra will be assigned in both individual and group formats. When working with a group the expectation is that the scholar will contribute to the best of their ability and be available to work when the group requests.