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Mr. Tharinger

COURSE TITLE: Pre-algebra 


PHONE:  505-891-0757 x            


COURSE DESCRIPTION:  (Link to course descriptions)  

CLASS EXPECTATIONS:  Aligned with Common Core State Standards for 7th and 8th grade Mathematics

RULES (Virtual learning): 

-RESPECT at all times!

-Use technology appropriately, respect your Manager, yourself, and others

-Cameras on

-Mics muted

-Respectful conversation both verbal and in the chat (no side conversations)

***one person speaks at a time

-Do not change who is presenting

-Enter class on time

-Limit distractions (stuffed animals, pets, toys of any kind)

-Complete work on time

-Remember: A majority of the classwork will be done outside of the Google Meeting-use your time wisely

-Submit work through Google Classroom 

-Make arrangements for Office Hours in advance (email preferred)

-Dress appropriately for learning

STANDARDS:  This course is aligned with the New Mexico Public Education Standards. 


Quarter Grades: Assessment/Projects: 60%        Practice: 40% Attendance: 10%

Semester Grades - Scholar’s semester grades will be calculated as follows:

Quarter 1 – 40%      Quarter 2 – 40%      Semester Final – 20%

Quarter 3 - 40% Quarter 4- 40% Semester Final - 20%

 GRADING SCALE:   The grading scale will follow the ASK Academy standards:

A+ = 96-100 % 

A = 90-95 %

B = 80-89 %

C = 70-79 %

N/C(No credit) = Below 70 %

HOMEWORK POLICY: Homework will be an essential part of this class both in the virtual setting and upon return to the learning spaces. Scholars will be expected to complete all homework assignments on time to the best of their ability in order to keep up with the pacing of the class.  Homework will be assigned through google classroom but will be completed in a small variety of methods (Khan Academy, Prodigy, Google Forms/Slides). Accounts for Khan Academy and Prodigy will be given to scholars in the first week of school.

LATE WORK POLICY: All work is due on the due date. Late work will receive ½ credit. Feedback may not be provided for late work. One “Amnesty” day will be offered per quarter.

ABSENCES: Absences that are known ahead of time should be communicated with Mr. Tharinger in advance to minimize loss of learning time. Unexpected absences will be dealt with on an individual basis and the expectation is to make up missed assignments during one of the support sessions in the afternoon or on Wednesdays. 

PROJECT EXPECTATIONS: Projects in pre-algebra will be assigned in both individual and group formats. When working with a group the expectation is that the scholar will contribute to the best of their ability and be available to work when the group requests. 

SUPPLIES: For the virtual setting, the only supplies that will be necessary is paper and pencil (preferably a notebook). When we return to the actual learning spaces I may require more specific items but that can be dealt with when that time comes.