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Dr. Rojas' bio

Dr. Patricio A Rojas is a retired administrator, teacher, and college professor. He is currently a Math program Manager at ASK academy, an associate professor at the University of Phoenix in Albuquerque and an instructor at CNM. He is a member of the professional cadre at NMACES. He received his PhD in Industrial Engineering from New Mexico State University Las Cruces -­ NM, his MS in Experimental Statistics also from New Mexico State University Las Cruces - ­NM, his MS in Mathematical Statistics from Centro Internacional de Enseñanza de Estadística (CIENES), Santiago - Chile, and his BS in Math from Universidad de Chile, Valparaiso - ­Chile. He is married to Maggie and has a son (Patricio) a film­maker, a daughter (Evelyn) a business woman, a grandson (Frankie) a 10th grade at Saint Pius X School. Dr. Rojas recently retired from the NM public school system after 40 years of service, combined between Chile and USA. In his career Dr. Rojas had taught in English and Spanish at all levels of education: High schools, colleges, universities, public and private; in Chile, El Salvador, and USA; he also had been an administrator in both colleges and public-school districts. He had presented at both national and international conferences: USA, Chile, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, and Colombia. He had given two teaching excellence awards: The Donald C. Roush from NMSU, and NISOD from University of Texas. Dr. Rojas could be reached at projas@theaskacademy.org or (505) ­550­-7975.