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Mr. Forsythe's English Courses

"It's no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then."
- Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Welcome to my website. Please, find your grade level page and navigate to your specific course period.
      We'll all need the following tools:
  • A three subject binder with three pocket folders inside for Reading, Writing, and Speaking & Listening
  • A Composition Book  Composition Book Image: mottled black and white ccover
  • Pencil, Pens in any color, but NOT GREEN (I use green to grade your work) or YELLOW (I just can't see it).
  • Book List - see your specific class syllabus
Classroom Expectations
Give Respect / Get Respect
  • please, participate actively and stay focused
  • answer questions when called upon. Make a guess if you have to. It's human to not be perfect.   Woops
  • one person speaks at a time
  • use all technology appropriately - respect your Manager, yourself, and your peers
  • minimize distractions
Homework        Where the rubber hits the road image
The homework for this class will prepare you for the class time activities and instruction, quizzes, and exams. Expect to have up to 4 hours of homework per week for your English class. Homework will consist of reading, research, writing assignments, and some craft work. When you are participating on a pre-class activity team, your level of participation will inevitably affect your teammates. Please pull your weight.
If you feel a peer is not bearing their weight in a team activity, I expect you to:
1) use your social skills and speak kindly and encouragingly to the teammate and ask what may be preventing them from fufilling their resonsibilty. You may offer to assist them in problem solving, but don't do the work for them. 
2) If no results follow, speak with me, early, regarding the situation.  
Project Expectations
I expect ASK Academy scholars to produce high quality, thoughtful work showing evidence of time and effort put into the product. Assigned projects will range from slide-show compostitions, team literature analysis, paragraph and essay compostitions, and some hands-on craftwork. Always be prepared to present your assigments to the class. When working a project over a week or longer, do keep in communication with me about your progress to ensure you're on track. I welcome scholar ideas and modifications so long as they are safe, appropriate, and target the project learning goals.
It is the scholar's responsibility to make arrangements to turn in assignments/projects if an absence occurs. Please check your class Google Classroom to see what we covered in class, what was assigned, and when it is due.
Late Work       World vs. Me image
I understand that sometimes it seems the world works against you. So, if you feel you need to negotiate a new due date please reach out to me as soon as possible. I accept late work from one to three (3) days, including weekend days, after the due date. Each situation is considered case by case. This means that were you to turn in on Saturday a ten-point assignment that was due on Thursday, the most you can earn on that assignment would be 8 points. I do not accept work later than three (3) days late.