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Rules for Virtual Classroom: 

1) Cameras are required, if scholars do not have working cameras, an email will be sent to K.Pierce and cc’d to parents asking for a laptop with a camera. Please do not have other electronics or cell phones on during class. I expect you to be engaged and participating while we are together, thank you.

2) Mics muted unless called on/want to speak.

3) Be mindful of taking turns when speaking.

4) Keep interactions with Project Manager and fellow scholars respectful.

5) Please add this extension- "Reactions for Google Meet"extension to your laptop!


Please access Google Classroom with the following class codes:


1st Hour - iptlqbk 4th Hour - guykckj

2nd Hour- 2x76vju 6th Hour- 7v5f436 5th Hour - Planning Period

3rd Hour - garncik 7th Hour - eidlqfs

Late Work Policy: will be allowed and facilitated by scholar through direct contact with Mr. C.

Homework Policy: h/w will be due the day assigned by Mr. C. As a rule, if you get the work done during class and turn it in, you will be given extra credit. It is "due" when you come into the next class.

Attendance: will be determined by me during the class. I will allow scholars a few minutes to get to virtual classroom. I will make an announcement during class indicating when your are present. After that, you will be considered absent and must communicate with me to rectify.

Virtual Check-in Time in the afternoon: Checking homework, completing projects, one-on-one and smaller groups, students logged in but working in their “smaller” groups or assigned.

Individual Scholar/Teacher Meetings: 2:30-4 pm, as well as breakout feature in Google Meet. 

Outlined below are some basics to help you get started:

Supplies: when we return to live, in -person classroom...for now laptop and notebook. 
Laptop, Three-ring binder, Loose-leaf paper (1 ream), Blue/black pens, pencils... NO RED INK
(Project supplies to be assigned as needed.)
My grade book is set-up on a total points basis, not categories.  Individual assignments will bear different point values.  Remember, each quarter is worth 40% of your grade and the final exam will constitute the remaining 20% (40% + 40% + 20% = 100%).  I generally grade exams over the week-end and return work on Monday.  Please keep all returned assignments because, occasionally, I record your grades incorrectly, or the grade book does not save the grade I entered.  Your grades will be updated by the end of Monday.
Cell Phones: 
Cell Phones are not allowed in class, thank you.
Homework Policy:
Time will be given in each class to complete homework... whatever is not finished becomes homework due when you walk into the next class period.
For every day you are absent, you have two days to complete homework.
Classroom Rules:
1) No lying or cheating 
2) R-E-S-P-E-C-T