Forms/Informational Documents




July 30, 2019

Good Morning ASK Community,


We are all eagerly awaiting the start of our new academic year and all the great things that come with it. Unfortunately, the start of our year coincides with the Sundt Road repaving project. The project will impact our drop off and pick up procedures, and the time involved. Please be patient.


There will be no parking on Sundt at any time during construction, or in the Boys and Girls Club Parking lot.



Morning drop off will not be as difficult as afternoon pick-up but it will definitely be slower, please plan accordingly. We will follow regular protocols (enter West gate exit East gate).


Afternoon pick-up:

6th Grade Academy will release @ 3:50. If you have only a 6th grade child you will be allowed to park and wait in the paved lots (both inner and outer horseshoe) beginning at 3:35. See yellow arrows on attached map. Pull up as far as possible to the walk near the pedestrian gate on the NE side. Once your child is secure, pull into the left lane and proceed out the east gate making a right turn onto Sundt.


If we restrict this initial group to 6th grade only we can move at least 45 cars before 4:00.


All other vehicles will turn in from Sundt and immediately turn right (onto the dirt area) and then proceed behind the volleyball courts. Please see attached map. Once past the volleyball courts please pull in behind one of the cones and form a line (see map) and wait to be signaled to proceed to pick up lanes (inner and outer horseshoes).  As the paved area clears we will release one lane at a time. Once that lane goes we will move to the next one. That lane will then fill in, and we will repeat the process.

If you have a vehicle that you do not want to drive in the dirt area, please arrive after 4:20 when we expect that most traffic will have cleared.


We will continue to assess the process as we go along, but please work with us, follow directions and know that it will take longer than usual. We have no control of the construction project, but we can all make it as good as possible by following the directions given, and working with one another.


Construction is scheduled until at least November.


Thank you for working with us.


Mr. Busse