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Edgar Short Profile


It all started with a GED from Texas at the age of 17, and then joining The United States Air Force for a nine year stint where Edgar worked as a medical illustrator. This training triggered the design thinking ability that would take him down a long road of design project opportunities.

A degree from the University of Texas at El Paso was next though it took him a while as his majors seem to shift from engineering to art to theatre to education and back again, but all that accumulated knowledge was significantly beneficial in later years.

A successful design/build business in South Carolina was next, and for twenty years he designed custom homes and buildings for many various and unusual business leading to a delightful life style including considerable participation in community theater. Acquiring an unlimited building contractor’s license and co-founding the South Carolina Chapter of the American Institute of Building Design (AIBD) were rewarding accomplishments in this period of time. 

Retiring, moving to Rio Rancho, and meeting new friends was both challenging and rewarding. Here he had the opportunity to start the CADesign program at the new Rio Rancho High School and then at the new Cleveland High School while delighting in the first few summers facilitating senior english. Here, he said, “I discovered that curiosity is the path way to a teenager’s sole and mind”. 

Co-founding a STEM charter school with the potential of ASK is certainly one of his distinct achievements. While being on the board of directors gives him a chance to actually help and watch the academy expand both in its learning direction and public recognition. “We have a supremely extraordinary staff in education bar none. The best thing about it is they let scholars learn!” are his words.

These days his full time photography, which benefits from his past design and computer skills, helps him create some extra ordinary photographic art. He also takes time to work with other seniors, showing them how to use software and hone their computer skills.

Living his dream of writing his memoirs (with some fiction added of course) while researching those fantastic lines of ancestors and discovering where his notable DNA originated from keeps him busy. He is impressed and very proud to claim that his third great grandfather (Dr. Thomas R. Short) was a graduate of America’s first medical school “College of Philadelphia Medical School.” He asserts learning must be in his inherited genes and that some folks say “You need to know where you come from to know where you’re going.”

His favorite quote is “You live as long as you are remembered” which you can read in a special tile in the rotunda of the new ASK Academy home.