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Ms. Morgan

                                                      Welcome to Math!
Supplies - Honors Pre-Calculus and Algebra 2
Pencil and eraser                                                                            
Colored pencils                                                  
Red pen                                                                
Notebook paper                                              
Graph paper                                                       
Notebook or spiral for taking notes              
Three ring binder with dividers                                             
Graphing Calculator TI-84+ (online or handheld) 
  • Treat everyone with kindness and respect.
  • All supplies and manipulatives must be put away before the class is dismissed.
  • Cell phones must not be out in class unless use is approved by the Project Manager.
  • Stay focused on the class.
  • All work must be in pencil.
  • Show your work. This includes writing the problem, bringing work down step by step, and writing your answer.