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Mrs. Karen Pierce

Welcome back to school!
About Me: I taught chemistry and biomedical sciences at ASK from 2011 to 2015 (in the old building), and now live in Dallas.  I'm really excited to get to work with ASK scholars again and look forward to the new opportunities for innovation that remote learning will bring.  While I expect there will be some challenges, I am confident that as a team our class will be able to overcome them.  I will be teaching 7th grade science and Environmental Science this fall - neither of which I have ever taught before! 
I have a bachelor's degree in biology and a master's degree in education from Austin College, and taught high school science for 8 years.  I will be completing my doctorate in higher education from SMU in May.  I also have three kids (they will be in 2nd grade, kindergarten, and pre-K), 2 dogs (Archie and Boo), 2 cats (Cortana and Kit-Kat), and various plants (unnamed).  When not teaching or parenting I enjoy scuba diving, hiking, reading, and playing soccer. 
Looking forward to a great year!
Norms for Virtual Class:
  • Respect yourself, the manager, and your classmates
  • Be prepared - complete all necessary assignments, readings, or tasks before class starts
  • Be on time - we have a limited number of minute together, so let's be productive and efficient
  • Limit distractions by being in a quiet place with no toys/pets/phones/etc.
  • Dress appropriately for class
  • Use your technology appropriately 
  • Cameras must be on in order for you to be counted as present
  • Please remain muted unless you are contributing to the conversation
  • Do not change who is presenting or hold side conversations
  • Participate fully!  This is your education, take it seriously and value it
Late Work:
Since all of our work will be completed virtually, assignments can be submitted any time before 9pm on the due dates.  It is essential that you complete tasks when they are due because the majority of our work will build on previous assignments, so if you are behind, then you will be unprepared for class.  Sometimes extenuating circumstances may arise that cause an assignment to be late.  Each day (including weekends) that an assignment is late will result in a 10% deduction of the grade.  No assignments will be accepted after the third day late, and missing assignments will be given a zero.
I use total points grading, and the breakdown of possible points will be given for each grading period and each assignment.  The majority of assignments will be project based, so you will earn credit for completing intermediate deadlines, completing products, and presenting your learning.  Scholars will earn points for their participation in synchronous discussions.  Projects and exams will predominantly be completed during the self-directed portion of the course.  All group assignments will include a peer evaluation component that will factor in to the final grade in order to promote teamwork and equal contributions from all scholars.  
It is essential that all scholars be present and on time for synchronous class meetings. I will follow the ASK scholar handbook regulation regarding tardiness and absences.