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Mrs. Griffin

I am so excited to be here at ASK Academy! Below, I have included some information about me and about my classes. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!
About Me: I have a Bachelor's in Microbiology from Eastern New Mexico University and I have been teaching in Colorado for 4 years. I am a native New Mexican though, and very happy to be back. While remote learning may not be ideal, I am very excited that I can be here to navigate the challenges with you.
I tend to have high expectations for my students, because I know that my students are capable of achieving those expectations. That being said, I am very approachable and more than happy to give as much support as I can. Please reach out!
I am married with a son, 3 cats, and a dog. When I'm not teaching, I love to create things, spend time outside enjoying the great New Mexico weather, or read great books!
Norms for Virtual Class: 
  • Respect yourself, the manager, and your classmates
  • Be prepared - complete all necessary assignments, readings, or tasks before class starts
  • Be on time - we have a limited number of minute together, so let's be productive and efficient
  • Limit distractions by being in a quiet place with no toys/pets/phones/etc.
  • Dress appropriately for class
  • Use your technology appropriately 
  • Cameras must be on in order for you to be counted as present
  • Please remain muted unless you are contributing to the conversation
  • Do not change who is presenting or hold side conversations
  • Participate fully!  This is your education, take it seriously and value it
Late Work:
Since all of our work will be completed virtually, assignments can be submitted any time before 9pm on the due dates.  It is essential that you complete tasks when they are due because the majority of our work will build on previous assignments, so if you are behind, then you will be unprepared for class.  Sometimes extenuating circumstances may arise that cause an assignment to be late. Please communicate these with me. Work that is more than 2 days late will receive a 50% deduction in points. I will not accept late work if it is more than 1 week late. 
I am changing grading for semester 2 to make it a bit more balanced for online learning.
Projects/Quests: 40%
Tests/Quizzes: 20%
Classwork/Independent work: 40%
It is essential that all scholars be present and on time for synchronous class meetings. I will follow the ASK scholar handbook regulation regarding tardiness and absences.
Support Time:
The schedule for Semester 2 allows for support time from 2-4pm Monday -Thursday and 8-8:30am on Fridays. This is time that students should be using for school work. If a student needs support from me, they may join this support meeting (link in Google Classroom) to get help.
Students who are not completing work in class may be required to attend support hour to catch up on work. Students will be notified in class when they need to attend support hour and a follow up email will be sent to parents and students. 
This information is accurate to the best of my current knowledge of ASK academy. I will do my best to make as few alterations as possible, but I will make sure to keep this page updated with any changes.