Ms. Gina Paulson » Welcome to 6th Grade Earth Science!

Welcome to 6th Grade Earth Science!

Welcome to 6th Grade Earth Science with Ms. Paulson!
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Scholars, be sure to revisit the concepts taught to you

in class. Check your binder, re watch any videos I provided, extend your learning past what I am teaching, and share what you are learning with those around you. Utilize F


riday mornings also for additional tutoring, not just to make up my work time.

Science is exciting and can be a ton of fun to learn about. It can also be an overwhelming subject too; lots of new vocabulary, making new connections, and how to devote time to learning about it. My advice, stick with it! The reward is worth it, way beyond the struggle.


Always Question, Always Wonder


Weather & Climate Unit is well underway, Check out the World of Weather Map link on the left panel and check out all the amazing work our scholars have created. 




Science the week of March 13-16, 2023

It's SLATE Week folks and that means we have a unique schedule this week plus the final project is rolling out too! Here we go! 
  • All about Hurricanes- Safety and Weather Map Project continues with historical hurricanes on record. What is the science behind the formation of this front? πŸŒ€    Assignment: Weather Map Time sheet #3
  • The Final Project for Unit 4: Weather & Climate is launched this Tuesday: Final Wild Weather Report, details in Google Classroom. 
  • Wednesday & Thursday are a half day schedule 8-12. Work time for your final project will be available. A Check in on variables and systems (not graded) is also on the agenda. 
    • Wednesday P1 8-9:20 AM and P2 9:20-10:40
    • Thursday P5 8-9:20 AM P6 9:20-10:40 and P7 10:40-12:00 PM
* If you are at home for some reason this week, please follow up on the final project details when you return to ensure you understand what is going on. 

Science the week of March 6-9, 2023 πŸŒͺ️

  It's a whirlwind of a week scholars as we get swept up in the rotating vortex of tornadoes. Wrapping up our lesson on weather systems, a lab and outdoor excursion, and a revision of our world weather map are on the agenda for this week. Here we go...
  • Weather Systems: How do weather fronts form and interact? What do pressure and temperatures have to do with this topic? It's also time to check in on your learning with some Sum It Ups. πŸ‘
  • Time to polish up our World of Weather Map! Reflection and revisions are the goal for today. Soon, we share our project with the community. πŸ—ΊοΈπŸ“Œ Assignment: Weather Map Check #2 due 3/9
  • Wednesday is all about tornadoes! πŸŒͺ️πŸŒͺ️πŸŒͺ️ A fun demo and exploration of how tornadoes form is the twist for the day. 😜
  • LAB DAY Thursday: Scholars must have proper lab gear; lab coat/apron, and goggles. πŸ₯½πŸ₯Ό  Assignment: Precipitation Lab due 3/9
* If you are absent, please communicate with your project managers, especially as next week is SLATE conference and report cards. It is imperative to stay on top of any work you are missing and not fall behind. Keep at it, you got this! 

Science the week of February 27- March 2, 2023

This weather is wild! So windy and not just here but wild allover. Southern California has experience blizzard conditions and several cities on the west coast are experience snowy condition. This is science gold scholars! So much to discuss, let's go! 
  • Wrapping up our weather variables lesson and adding to the weather map. This thing is growing and looking amazing! Teams will also explore another team building skill. 
  • It's all about Blizzards today! Sorry, the not the kind you get at Dairy Queen.☺ Special map locations for both severe weather topics.
  • The flip of a blizzard...we explore Drought. Assignment: Weather Mapping Time sheet. *Details in Google Classroom. 
  • Thursday we begin our lesson on Weather Systems. What are pressures? What is a front? New terms coming our way as we explore they WHY weather moves and behaves the way it does and how we use this information to help us predict the severity of the next event.
**If you are absent, please check Google Classroom and see what you can do from home. Stay connected the best you can. Email me with questions. 

Science the week of February 20-23, 2023

Hey everyone, I hope things are going well for you. Take a moment to breathe and stop to observe the recent changes in nature. It's freezing, then hot, then rainy, then cold, then warm, and hot again all in one day, simply wild and amazing! This week, we begin a new unit on Weather & Climate. 
  • Tuesday is ECO-HOME Project day🏑!  Time to share your creation and inform your audience of the various renewable energy sources that support your home. Don't forget the small details listed in the rubric. πŸ‘
  • Our new unit: Weather & Climate begins on Wednesday! So excited!! This unit will take us outside quite a bit so dress accordingly.😎🌦
  • Introduction to Weather Variables and our World of Weather Map project. 
**If you are at home, be sure to check Google Classroom. I post every single day and provide direction as to what you can do from home, every single day. This way,  you don't fall behind, your work is manageable, and you may feel less overwhelmed when you return. Just sayin.πŸ˜‰

Science the week of February 13-16, 2023

   Awe, its a week full of love! πŸ₯° πŸ’Œ Love of science for sure! This week we wrap up our Energy unit and finish up final projects, plus can't forget to show what you learned on the final assessment. 
  • Monday- time to work on your Eco-Home final project. Come prepared, have any materials you need ready. High expectations on this one, lots of details and connections to the unit. Check the rubric! 
  • Time to check that binder this Tuesday. Bring all the "amazingness" you have created. The list is in Google Classroom. 
  • Wednesday is set aside for review of this unit. The study has been posted as of 2/12 in Google Classroom as well. 
  • Time to rock that test on Thursday! Show what you know and what you learned. You got this! 
**At home? Must email your project managers and communicate peeps! We can get you caught up, connect you in someway to school and help you stay afloat until you return. So be sure to communicate with us.πŸ˜€

Science the week of February 6-9, 2023

   It's all about energy resources this week scholars as we focus in on renewable and nonrenewable resources. How do we access and utilize these sources and what is a better approach? Discover the balance. 🌎
  • Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources- What is the difference? Where are these sources located? Let's break it all down this week. 
  • Conduction, Convection, & Radiation: Thermal Energy Lab this Wednesday. Things may get hot! πŸ”₯
    • LAB: Be prepared, bring goggles and lab coat/apron πŸ₯½ 
  • Your final project for the Human Impact unit is to design an Eco-House. Details on Thursday. 
  • Postponed binder check until next week (2/13-16)
🎢 Second verse...same as the first...If you are absent, you must communicate with me. Check Google Classroom each day and see what you can or are able to work on at home, don't fall behind. This unit is almost done, opportunities to make up work are limited. 

Science the Week of January 30- February 2, 2023

  Energy Campaign Time!!! πŸ’‘The energy is in the building ya'll! It's time for our group energy presentations this Wednesday and I can't wait to see all the pieces come together. Here is the breakdown....
  • Powering the Planet assignment is about the possibilities of alternative energy sources and what is involved in generating and applying energy. Due 1/31 🧲
  • Newton's 2nd and 3rd laws are covered this week as well. F=MA
  • Group Energy Project Presentations this Wednesday 2/1. Be ready! 
*** If you are out, be sure to check Google Classroom each day and email your project managers. This week is a group presentation and your members are counting on you to do your part and to be here. Communicate please! 

Science the week of January 23-26, 2023

   Howdy and welcome to what I call "Newton Week". πŸ˜† This week scholars will have two assignments due and head straight into the world of physics. If you are absent this week, be sure to check in with your group members for your final project and see what your part is, you got this!.πŸ‘
  • Newtons's 3 Laws of Motion are explored this week and the Energy License Plate assignment due 1/26. 
  • Tuesday is our final set of vocabulary words for this unit. Check that all 15 words are complete and in your binder. Can't wait to see what you have created!🀩 Assignment Due 1/25
  • Work it Wednesday- dedicated work day to get caught up on and work with your group members on your final project. Please come prepared! 
  • The Law of Conservation of Energy- The what and how on Thursday. 

Science the week of January 17-19, 2023

NO SCHOOL- Martin Luther King Jr. holiday observed Monday 1/16
Hello science scholars and cheers for starting off last week strong! This week we focus on energy types, vocabulary, potential and kinetic energy, plus we get the details on our final group energy project campaign. *No assignments due this week in Powerschool, focus on accomplishing your work especially during the class time provided. 
  • Tuesday Types of Energy Focus- we roll with notes and an introduction on our final project due February 1, 2023. Details and a rubric will post in Google Classroom. 
  • Vocabulary focus on Wednesday, we continue down our list with numbers 6-10 and create some awesome word art in the process. Also, wrap up your energy compendium and share out. 
  • Potential and Kinetic Energy: The stops and go's of energy, so don't pause, but move on to notes and a mini demo followed by work time on your group project. 
***Same message.....second verse, same as the first.... if you are absent, check Google Classroom. I post everything we are doing in class including handouts, videos to help with understanding the concept, and you can email me with any specific questions. Keep on it, you go this!πŸ‘

Science the week of January 9-12, 2023

   We are back ya'll and I am excited to be back. I know it will be a bit rough getting up early for some, going to school everyday, and getting back into the rhythm, but with patience and effort, we will get there. New unit, some updated procedures, and a look at the new few weeks are on the agenda this week. 
  • Ease on in to our new unit: Energy. What do you know about this topic? How can we connect energy to our previous unit on matter? 
  • Lesson 1 is about the concepts and application of; work, force, and motion. All sorts of mini demos throughout this lesson. 
  • Time to play πŸ˜ƒ,  I mean apply πŸ€“ how these forces are at work and the motion they make.  Assignment: Energy, Force, Motion, and Work Station Rotation Day due Thursday
**Absent update just in case you miss school...remember to check Google Classroom every day for access to the lesson and your work. Do what you can while at home, be sure to communicate via email so I can help you with the workload. 

Finals Week is here! Big deep breaths, and it's go time! Bring your binder and a charged computer and your plug for it. Be ready! πŸ‘
  • On Monday, 12/19/22, and Tuesday, 12/20/22, The ASK Academy will be administering Final Exams for the Fall Semester to all ASK scholars. Scholars can begin arriving at school at 7:30 A.M. Dismissal is at 12:00 P.M. on Monday, 12/19/22, and Tuesday, 12/20/22.
  • On Wednesday, 12/21/22, there are no classes or Final Exams for scholars. If a scholar needs to make-up a Final Exam, they can on Wednesday, 12/21/22, by appointment only.
  • If a scholar needs to complete a Final Exam earlier than Monday, 12/19/22, or Tuesday, 12/20/22, they need to get permission from their schools Principal.
  • On Thursday, 12/22/22, through Friday, 1/6/23, The ASK Academy will be closed for the Holiday Break. All Scholars will return to class on Monday, 1/9/23.
Have an incredible holiday break and I look forward to seeing you back in January. πŸŽ„

Science the week of December 12-15, 2022

πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ„ Are you feeling all the holiday vibes? Or maybe its the tension in the air as we approach the end of the semester and all it entails? My advice, breathe. 🌬Take it one step at a time and be proactive. Study and put in that extra effort this week. I believe in you and you can do it! Let's go! 
  • Matter Monday Review- Physical and Chemical changes. Time to review and get those details down. πŸ‘ * Extra credit opportunity posting today, due by Friday 12/16 (optional). 
  • Tuesday- Review of Unit 1: The Scientific Method, and Unit 2: Matter. A study guide will be provided. 
  • Element presentation day- Time to share all about your element. Be ready, this is a final project, you must be present. Check over the rubric in Google Classroom. 
  • Thursday is set aside for additional element presentations and a final study day to prepare for your finals. 
* If you are home for any reason this week, you must email your PM's and follow up on the work you are required to have turned in this week and prepare for your finals. 

Science the week of December 5-8, 2022

Specialized week with your iMssa testing on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, but no worries, we got this! It's all winding down, the final unit of the year, the final test, and the actual final are coming up. Check out the deets below...
  • How are your 4 separate phases posters coming along? Monday is set aside as work day to ensure your binder is ready and your posters are good to go. πŸ‘
  • Tuesday is a 45 minute class time and we are revisiting molecules plus time to grade your molecule lab from November 1st. 
  • Periodic Table of Elements review day- 45 minute class again due to testing. 
  • Binder Check: Unit 2 this Thursday. Check Google classroom for the completed list and be sure you are ready. We have a special Matter Escape Room as well, see if you can escape. 
** If you are out for some reason this week, you must complete any missing work and study for your final. Your work and expectations continue despite your attendance, stay on top of it. 

Science the week of November 28th- December 1st, 2022

Hope you all had a restful and pleasant Thanksgiving break! Did you gobble til you wobbled?πŸ˜† Back to the grind for a few weeks then we hit our Winter break. This week, the focus is on the states of matter and how changes occur. 
  • The States of Matter (The Big 4), Solids, Liquids, Gas, and Plasma. Let's go over the details of what these are all about. 
  • How does a change in matter actually happen? When does this occur? We will have small demos this week, no lab gear needed. Assignment: Changes in State of Matter due 12/1
  • Plus, properties of all 4 states, time to make the connections! 
  • How is your element project coming along? Time a minute to check in with me to see how things are gong OK? πŸ§‘β€πŸ«
***Learning from home? Be sure to check out Google Classroom, I post everything there. Be sure to stay up on your work and communicate with me. There is tutoring this coming Friday 12/2, should you need more assistance.