Science Week of August 30- September 3, 2021

***UPDATE 8/31 @ 6:58 PM ***
- Thursday is a virtual setting. Class will meet via Google Meets (link in         Google Classroom) at your regularly schedule period. 
- The unit test is now moved to Tuesday, September 7, 2021. 
Busy week ahead with wrapping up assignments, studying for your unit test, and beginning our science fair chat. Be sure to study for your test, I will provide a study guide on Tuesday. 
  • Conclusions in science and how to publish; handouts and notes
  • Write a conclusion in science; Claim, Evidence, and Reasoning
  • Quiz on variables- check what you know
  • Science Binder check-in on Wednesday All components are expected to be completed and in order. Check Google Classroom for the list. No Lab book check-in this time. 
  • Design and experiment activity due Thursday
  • Unit test on Thursday - may utilize notes only
If you are at home, you will schedule a time to take your test when you return, continue to study and have all work completed. Work will be posted in Google Classroom.