Science Week of September 20-23, 2021

It's a focus on work week! We have our special effects mini project, a rap up of our 2 labs from last week, and our science fair is in full action, it's go time!
  • Monday is work on your SFX project. Bring items for your set. Presentations are on Thursday. You will present your special effect and note the physical and chemical changes. 
  • Lesson 1 Review. Vocabulary Day - bring note cards/holder. 📝 Class time to work on your science fair proposal and unfinished labs from last week; Nuts & Bolts of Formulas and Molecule Models. 
  • Complete all work on Savass, Introduction to Matter and Lesson 1
  • Plus..... a Bonus points opportunity will be offered this week. 👀
* If you are at home, continue to work on as much of our work as you can. Check in each day, work on vocab, and review concepts.