Science Week of September 27-30, 2021

End of Quarter 1 is October 1st, get all your work in before report cards by Friday. Bring your science binder this week and vocabulary cards. Lab book on Tuesday.
  • States of Matter- notes in binder. Clean out the previous unit, be sure to keep your plastic sheets, we will reuse these.  
  • Changes (phases) of matter. Lab book grade check on Tuesday. Bring your lab book, checking on Lab #1: Nuts & Bolts, and #2 is Molecule Models.
  • Vocabulary focus and measuring matter activity. Keep studying these words each night, memorize the terms. 
  • The Periodic Table of Elements- an introduction. 
If you are at home, assignments will be in Google Classroom and posted at the time of your class period. Continue to try to get this work done and submitted. If you have questions, email me directly.