Science Week of October 4-7, 2021

🎃 October is here! Fall is in the air and report cards have arrived. This week we will continue diving into the elements and wrapping up our lesson on measuring matter and our final project is unveiled this week. 
  • The Periodic Table focus continues...metals, metalloids, and nonmetals oh my! Notes in binder
  • More about atoms, the micro miracle of life! ⚛ Notes in binder
  • There might be a quiz....or two on Lesson 1 and 2. 👀 😉
  • The My Element project begins. Scholars are assigned an element, details in GC. 
  • Vocabulary focus continues. Are you reviewing your terms? Be sure to practice. 
If you are at home, be sure to check Google Classroom and Savaas for access to your work. Email with any questions.