Science Week of October 18-21, 2021

Our focus this week is all about revisiting concepts and retaking your past 2 quizzes. Your grades can shift greatly if work is not submitted or does not meet requirements, so pay close attention to assignment details . 
  • My Element presentation time! All scholars will begin presenting their slide show on Monday. It's go time!  Check the rubric and rehearse your presentation.🗣
  • Density? What is it exactly? Mini demo and notes for our binder
  • Vocabulary Check #1 on Wednesday. Scholars will have their word collection checked for quantity and accuracy. 
  • Binder organization opportunity (due 10/27)
  • Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures revisited, notes for binder
  • Retake quiz opportunity this Thursday on Lesson 1 & Lesson 2, be prepared. 📖
* If you are at home learning, be sure to check Google Classroom for assignments. Monday will be presentations, so ensure your work is turned in please and study for your quiz retake on Thursday. Work on your science fair project too.