Science the Week of November 1-4, 2021 🦃

November??? Already?! 🤪 Our Matter unit is nearing the end and a wrap up on the Periodic Table Exploration is underway. Scholars are advised to study for the quiz on Lesson 3. It is important to submit any late work by Friday. Final Unit Test is on Monday, November 8th. 
  • Build the class PTE activity and team game review
  • Quiz on Lesson 3 on Tuesday
  • Lab Day on Wednesday; Building Molecules Part 2
  • Science Fair Focus Day and Check-in this Thursday, be prepared to work
  • Compendium Time, let's warp it up and review this journey. 
**Scholars that are at home this week, check Google Classroom for daily work and continue to work on your science fair project. For our Lab this Wednesday, have something you can use to model moecules with and take pictures of your progress. Miss seeing you!