Science the week of November 15-18, 2021

Hello! Hello! 🧬 This week will be split evenly with a focus on our new unit; Solids, Liquids, & Gases and time to work on science fair projects. Here is the breakdown:
  • Monday & Tuesday marks the beginning of Unit 3: Solids, Liquids. & Gases. Pre-assessment, new compendium, and new approaches with how we utilize the text this go around will be covered. Plus, we will have a new team S, L, & G competition that will earn help towards the final project. Details to come! Bring your science binder on both days please, be prepared. 
  • Wednesday & Thursday will be devoted to your science fair project. This time will be spent working on the final stages of your project; typing what is going on your board/slide show, all the prep work (color, decor, headers, layout) on your board/slide show, your speech and preparation to answer questions to the judges, conclusion, resources, checking the rubric etc. Scholars will be expected to work on their project the whole class time, be prepared and have a plan. Projects that are fully completed and accepted by Ms. Paulson will receive in-class work. 
*Research in Action (RIA) of Science Fair is December 1st
**6th Grade projects "due" NOV 18 as a final check/next steps support. 
At-home Learners, continue to check-in daily on Google Classroom assignments and work on your science fair project, this is due when you return in-person. Please schedule a time to meet virtually with me so I can check in and support you. 👍