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Ashley Burke

2022/2023 School Year
My name is Ashley Burke and I am an Educational Assistant earning my certificate in Teaching Special Education. It is my first year teaching at ASK, but I was a scholar in the 2012-2016 class. I will be teaching 6th grade fundamental connections (FC) and a Resource class for sixth and seventh period for middle school. I strive to give scholars support as the grow in the skills and knowledge. I will be supporting the special education staff as I attend a certificate program.
For specific courses, look for your period/course tab for more information.
Please look at the Syllabus and attached files for the following information:
  • Course details
  • Classroom Expectations
  • Grading
  • Homework
  • Late Work
  • And additional ASK Policies
I used to be a scholar for my high school years, and now as a staff member, I will be able to be an example for new and returning scholars. After ASK, I attended ENMU for a forensic chemistry degree and a minor in visual Arts. I love science and art . While this is my first year at ASK, I will be continuing my education for a certificate in teaching to earn a foundation in education. The certificate will cover Special Education, a field that I have personal experience as a scholar with Autism. I often need more understanding then others, so strive for us all to be patient. I hope to be an example for scholars who need more support in the education, as I received in my time at ASK.
Drawing is one of my main hobbies, I love expressing my thoughts through it. I prefer drawing portraits, nature and animals, and fantasy characters. It is a great de-stressor for me personally, and I love seeing myself improve everyday.  Over my many years as an artist, I strived to inspire others to pursue the things that bring them joy. Art is my joy.
In fundamental connections, we strive to create relationships and a positive start to new incoming ASK scholars. Our program for FC is used to develop the scholars understanding of:
  • Who I am?
  • What do I want?
  • How does who I am impact what I want?
  • How do I get there?
In this resource course, we strive to give a space for scholars to have a space for things that they need. It is often used as time to get school work done, assistance academically, and destress. Some goals for this course include providing addition support for scholars and improve fundamental skills. These skills include:
  • Learning style
  • Note-taking style
  • Study habits
  • Organizational skills
  • and many more...
7th period resource
This section of resource provides a lot more support for students struggling in math and reading/writing. We have tutors available during this period only. 

Dress Code and Uniforms

High School and Middle School Principals will do random Uniform Checks throughout the school year.  Please Refer to page 42 of the Scholar and Parent Handbook for complete Uniform Expectations.  

Freedom of expression, good judgment, respect for others, and safety are the foundations of The ASK Academy's approach towards scholar dress. The Academy requires that all scholars wear a prescribed uniform. Our “Dress for Success” Uniform Policy is meant to improve the learning environment and train scholars to see the importance of making a good first impression to professionals in the fields and careers related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. This uniform policy is mandatory for all scholars. The uniform also serves as an identifier of who should and who should not be on Academy grounds. Clothing and accessories must be safe and non-distracting or disruptive to the educational program. 

The following guidelines will be observed: Tops (Shirts) – All scholars must wear an ASK polo shirt, with the ASK logo, purchased from an approved ASK vendor. The color of the ASK polo shirt identifies the scholar with their selected career pathway.

Polo shirts will not be overly baggy, nor exceedingly tight. Shoulder seams must be at the shoulders, and shirts cannot hang down below mid-thigh level.  


Middle School - Red or Light Blue  

High School

Biomedical Sciences – Dark Green or Purple 

Engineering and Design – Royal Blue or Burgundy 

Bottoms (Pants) 

Allowable pants/slacks of solid color (khaki or black) and should meet our uniform expectations. They should be of a non-stretch, khaki or similar material. No shorts, skorts, skirts, cargo pants (pants with many pockets) are allowed.  No excessive “sagging” is allowed. The inseam of pants must be where legs and torso join.  Excessively tight pants such as spandex, yoga pants, leggings, joggers or other non-uniform fabrics are not allowed.

Shorts along with open toe-shoes are not allowed due to safety concerns with labs across all grades.

Procedure for Uniform Violations:

-Students will be sent to the front office by Project Manager or Administration.

-Front Office Staff will contact parents of scholars.

-Students will have the option to have parents bring uniforms or will be allowed to look through the closet and be allowed to borrow a uniform.

-Students will be sent back to class.

After the third uniform violation the scholar will receive lunch detention.




For security, the campus gate will not open until 7:30 am (when staff is onsite) and will close at 8:00 am.  If you arrive after the gate has closed, you will need to press the green alarm button to call the office to request access.  Once in the gate, all parents will be required to enter the building and sign in their scholars if late.  Scholars will not be allowed to sign in without a parent or guardian.  


All scholars are required to be in class by 8:00.  If a scholar arrives anytime after 8:00 they will be considered tardy.  


Scholars will receive lunch detention if three tardies are reached.


Please contact The ASK Academy at [email protected] or 505-891-0757 to notify us of your scholar’s absence.

During the week, we will have the follow schedule to address assignments and late work:
Tuesday: Grade check emailed to FC project manager and parent(s).
Wednesday: "Rotation" to address situations regarding late assignments, failing grades and other graded issues. Scholars will take FC to visit other project managers specific to their needs.
Friday: If the FC time on Wednesday is not enough time, it is recommended to come.
After that week we addressed assignments, that Friday will be the last day to turn in assignments; no late work is accepted.