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Volunteer Information Form

The ASK Academy recognizes and truly appreciates the many volunteers in our school. We are excited to partner with you as we challenge the next generation of STEM professionals!

To become a volunteer at The ASK Academy, you must complete the following steps:

Step 1. Submit the Volunteer Information Form below

Step 2. Register for fingerprints, have your fingerprints processed ($59), and pass the background check 
            a. Once the Volunteer Information Form is submitted, the Business Administrative Assistant will contact you with how to
                  complete the background check.
            b. After passing the background check, you will receive an email with the login information to complete the required training courses.                             (Please note that background check results can take up to 5 business days. )
Step 3. Complete the above-mentioned State required training courses to meet State statute 22-10A-32 NMSA 1978:

A.  All school district personnel, school employees, school volunteers, contractors and contractors' employees shall be required to complete training in the detection and reporting of child abuse and neglect, ethical misconduct, professional responsibilities, sexual abuse and assault and substance abuse.  Except as otherwise provided in this subsection, this requirement shall be completed within the school district employee's, school employee's, school volunteer's, contractor's or contractor's employee's first year of employment.


      The training will be completed through the Safe Schools modules provided by Vector Solutions. 


  *The background check and all required courses must be completed before volunteering at The ASK Academy. 


Because we understand that $59 is a large financial commitment, The ASK Academy will reimburse $30 of the cost when the steps above are completed.  We will not reimburse individuals who do not pass the background check. 

Thank you so much for your understanding as we work to keep kids safe and comply with the state requirements. We appreciate your commitment to The ASK Academy.

If you have any questions about the process, please email Janisse Vázquez at [email protected].

Please complete the Volunteer Information Form below. 

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