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Make a Payment to ASK

Product Description * Price
Laptop Yearly Usage Fee (High School Scholars Only) $60.00
Laptop Software Installation Fee (Personal Computer) $20.00
Chromebook Semester Rental (Middle School Scholars) $30.00
Laptop Damage (Monitor) $150.00
Laptop Damage (Keyboard) $50.00
Laptop Replacement Fee $700.00
AP EXAM $96.00
PSAT $17.00
Senior Regalia $60.00
Textbook Damage Fee $50.00-250.00
Field Trip Fee TBD
ASK Property Damage (depends on the item damaged) TBD
ASK Logo Facemasks - SOLD OUT $10.00
Credit Recovery  
Edgenuity Credit Recovery (1/2 credit) $150.00
Step 1:  Copy the product description and paste into the PayPal description
Step 2:  Enter your scholar's first & last name into the description box with the product description
Step 3:  Enter the amount
Step 4:  Proceed to complete your transaction
* Prices are subject to change.