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Welcome to the online home of The ASK Academy, a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) innovation. We are located in the beautiful City of Vision, Rio Rancho, New Mexico. ASK is state authorized charter school for 6th through 12th grades scholars interested in STEM careers within the areas of biomedical sciences and engineering and design. ASK teaches with traditional methodologies but also through hands-on, project based learning strategies. Our relationships with local STEM businesses and educational post-secondary partners enable our scholars to learn in a realistic setting. Our curriculum is rigorous and challenging but relevant for the STEM careers for which we prepare our scholars. 

Please take the time to browse our website to learn what we are all about. Our unique perspective on teaching and learning allows our scholars to explore concepts in an authentic fashion. If you, or your STEM interested scholar, should have any questions, please contact us for more information.

A Message from Our General Manager

Dear ASK Community, 

Welcome to the 2017-18 academic year! Last year was phenomenal filled with exceptional examples of both project-based and self-directed learning at all levels. We saw the seventh grade scholars design, plan, build, and sell (or donate) Cat-Condos. The proceeds and all unsold condos went to Watermelon Ranch, a local non-profit that takes in pets of all kinds. We saw high school scholars head to Kirtland Air Force Base and compete in an engi-neering challenge. Our Vex Robotics team won another state championship, and as a community, we funded their trip to the world championships in Louisville, KY. While these epitomize our learning styles “at work,” we also saw our largest graduating class so far proudly take the stage with over two million dollars in scholarship offers! While our school does not overtly teach to any test, our curriculum preparation, delivery, and acquisition is so strong that our scholars outperformed local, state, and national scores in ACT, PARCC, and SBA. All of these accomplishments show what The ASK Academy is all about! 

Last year also saw our Parent Support Committee grow from concept to reality with active fundraisers such as taping Mr. Barbour and I to the pillars and passive fundraising through the Scrips program. In a year where education funding was cut dramatically, we can’t say enough about how important those efforts were and will continue to be. With their support, we also ended the year with a few half-days (after exams) of fun-filled community spirit with an Angry Birds competition, soccer games, dodge ball, water balloons, and an outstanding barbecue. It was a couple of days of well-earned laughter, fun, and smiles to start the summer. 

We are an amazing academy that looks at education, relationships, community, and family as part of the same whole. We see the importance, and possibility, of combining the human element with rigorous academics to help create citizens capable of excelling in college, career, and society. We look forward to another great year that promises even more success to every member of The Ask Academy Community. 


Daniel P. Busse

Daniel P. Busse

General Manager
The ASK Academy